3 Choices for Garage Flooring

3 Choices for Garage Flooring

Your garage floor must at the top of the charts of “most neglected parts of your home that is used daily”. But garage flooring options can change all that relatively quickly.

One of the reasons that garage floors are so neglected in that they are bare concrete. Like the floor of an unfinished basement, when it’s left bare. We tend to not worry if paint or anything else spills on it.

But, if you choose one of the options below. Suddenly your garage floor and the rest of your garage will look great and be worthy of more attention. And considering all of the options for using the space in your garage. It could be the start of a complete makeover.

Garage Flooring Options

Here are the three basic options for garage flooring, starting with the easiest to do.

1. Paint It

Sounds easy enough, and it is if you get the right paint. Regular wall paint does not have the durability to withstand floor traffic. Concrete-specific paint is designed to be absorbed into the concrete for a longer lasting bond. If your garage floor is very smooth and/or it’s been coated with a sealant or varnish, you may need to do some grinding for the paint to adhere properly.

2. Apply a Coating

Often considered ‘floor paint’, floor coatings made of epoxy, polyurea, and polycuramine are really more of a sealant and coating made with different compounds than those found in regular paint. Epoxy, the best-known coating, is the least expensive and easiest to apply. Garage floor coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and textures to give you more options for the look of the floor too.

3. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Just like in the kitchen or bathroom, ceramic tile can stand up to just about anything in your garage. But be prepared to do some floor leveling first, especially if there is a drain in the middle of your garage floor.

With your floor looking fine, you can start considering finishing the walls turning it into something you never thought your garage could be.


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