Looking for the Best Garage Door Installer?

Looking for the Best Garage Door Installer?

If you’ve visited a lot of garage door installer websites in your hunt for a new door, you might have noticed something in common with a few of them. Many garage door installation companies will have a page or blog post devoted to something like. “How to find the best garage door installation company” or “things to look for in the right garage door installer”.

Those pages can have some very helpful information. But, of course, you can bet that the installation company only includes tips that they can fulfill. In other words, after you read the post. That company that wrote it will fit all the listed criteria for the best garage door installer.

There’s nothing wrong with that – again, you can find some very useful information. But, while being in business for a long time, being locally owned, fully insured, experienced, and has a wide variety of name-brand garage doors to choose from is all very good. We feel one thing stands above the rest when it comes to choosing the best installation company.

Why the Work They Do is the Best Indication of a Good Garage Door Installer

Any company can do things like buy insurance (but don’t choose one that isn’t insured). Lots of companies may be locally-owned (but beware those that aren’t). And many companies have experienced installers (the more experience the better, and little or no experience means it’s time to choose someone else).

But the best garage door installers will have the best references from real customers and, above all else, an extensive portfolio of a wide variety of garage door installations; including those similar to what you need.

Here at Markham Garage Doors, we are very proud of the work we do. We want to be the best in the business because that’s the only way we know to keep our business growing. We look at every garage door installation project we do as a reflection on ourselves, our reputation and our work.

To give you an idea of what we mean, please take a look at just a few of the images we have on our Garage Door Gallery page and see for yourself the variety of top quality installations of garage doors and openers that we’ve done for real homeowners like you.

The Essential Door

The essential door from the best garage door installer | Markham Garage Doors

Even in a relatively straightforward installation, you can see the quality in the tight seal around the outside of the door and between the door panels.

Curb Appeal

Have curb appeal with the best garage door installers

These doors were not custom built but chosen for how well they matched the design of the home.

Custom Homes

Custom homes garage doors by the best garage door installers | Markham Garage Doors

Notice how the curved top of the garage doors and the colour of the wood grain matches the home’s unique portico.

No Job Too Big!

No job too big for the best garage door installers | Markham Garage Doors

That’s four single doors, each with their own LiftMaster garage door opener.

If you’re looking for the best garage door installer in Markham, contact us here at Markham Garage Doors.


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