Pentagon Security Shutters Offer Several Viable Benefits to Property Owners

Pentagon Security Shutters Offer Several Viable Benefits to Property Owners

Fans of movies or television shows can likely recall a scene when a shop owner locks up for the night by rolling down a metal door or shutter to cover the entrance to the store.  The location for this scene is often a liquor store, pawn shop, or convenience store in a high-crime neighborhood, with the implication that the owner is protecting the business against potential break-in/theft.

While such a scene is often used for dramatic or even melodramatic effect, the principle is rather sound; using a roll-up/roll-down metal door/shutter to safeguard a property will offer a better level of security than any plate-glass window.  And while all commercial or residential neighborhoods are certainly not high-crime, there is soundness to upgrading the protection of one’s property, and the safety of one’s family, in one way or another.

Therefore, under this premise, the concept of installing Pentagon security rolling shutters on the exterior of a home or cottage warrants some thought and consideration.  Due to their metal construction, these rolling shutters are markedly more secure than exposed windows and doors, offering peace of mind to homeowners/cottage owners, particularly during periods of absence from the home/property.  Furthermore, the opaqueness of the shutters prevents would-be burglars from ‘casing a property’ when the owners are away, thereby further deterring the potential for criminal activity.o

In addition to their security features, Pentagon rolling shutters provide several ancillary benefits to property owners who choose to make this type of investment in their home or cottage.  Such aspects are wide-ranging in nature as well, and consist of the following:

  • Protection of windows/doors from extreme weather/storm damage
  • Modern aesthetic appeal – available in a range of attractive colors
  • Energy efficiency – insulating properties block out the heat and cold
  • Preservation of property – can help reduce fading in furniture/carpets
  • Cost savings – relatively low maintenance; may lower home insurance
  • Noise insulation (good for shift workers or babies taking daytime naps)
  • Ease of operation – central/remote control, with adjustable travel limits

When examined in such depth, it should be apparent that Pentagon rolling shutters offer a number of viable advantages/benefits to residential property owners, not only during times when they are absent/away from the premises but also on a day-to-day basis and from a long-term investment/savings perspective as well.

To ensure that there is maximum return from their investment, property owners should entrust the design and installation of Pentagon roll-up security shutters to manufacturer-certified distributors, such as the technicians from Markham Garage Doors.

Complete Roll Shutter Service For Residential and Non-Residential Properties

By now, the image of a shop owner rolling down a graffiti-covered metal door or shutter to protect their business from potential break-in should hopefully have been replaced by a mental picture of an aesthetically-pleasing and multi-purpose roll shutter from Pentagon.

With these expectations in mind, homeowners and cottage owners can be assured of the following as well when they purchase their roll shutters from Markham Garage Doors:

  • Attractive, eye-pleasing designs
  • State-of-the-art quality and security
  • A custom-built fit for all doors/windows
  • Fast turn-around times for manufacturing
  • Reliable and affordable installation/service

In addition to providing these comprehensive roll shutter services for residential property owners, Markham Garage Doors can also design and install roll-up shutters and doors for commercial, industrial, municipal, and recreational facilities, too.  Some of these options or applications could include:

  • Security for concession stands, food courts, and kiosks
  • Service/delivery vehicle access to stadiums and arenas
  • Deterring unwanted entry – pharmacies, medical centers
  • Vandalism protection – schools, social clubs, civic centers

Interested in the many benefits afforded by custom-fitted roll shutters for your home or cottage?  Call the experts at Markham Garage Doors today at either (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule your no-obligation consultation.


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