Want a More Comfortable Home? Install an Insulated Garage Door

Want a More Comfortable Home? Install an Insulated Garage Door

When you think of ‘home comfort’, insulation is usually part of your thinking. A well-insulated home, including attic and wall insulation, and thermal windows, stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But, unless you have an uninsulated garage door, your home might not be as comfortable as possible.

Even in well-insulated homes, an attached garage can be like a ‘hole’ in that insulation.

When you insulate your home, you usually insulate the attic and outside walls. You don’t insulate the walls and floors inside the home. Why would you? Inside walls and floors don’t let in any heat or cold from the outside, so it would be a waste of time and money to insulate them. (You might use sound insulation in inside walls.)

An attached garage can be like a hole in your insulation (a very large one!) because of how we think about the garage. Considering that there’s a door from the house to the garage, just like any other ‘room’ in the house, the garage can feel like a part of the house.

But, in the majority cases, homeowners don’t insulate the walls of the garage, whether they are outside walls, or shared with other rooms in the house. They also generally don’t insulate the ceiling of the garage, even when it is shared with a room above the garage.

Cold and heat can get into the garage through the outside walls and uninsulated garage doors much easier than most people think. With no insulation on the walls and floors that are shared between your house and garage, that heat and cold can get into your home fairly easily too.

An Insulated Garage Door to the Rescue

An insulated garage door will help reduce the amount of heat and cold that gets into your garage. That will make your home more comfortable, and it will reduce your utility bills.

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