Garage Door Bottom Rubber Retainer

Garage Door Bottom Rubber Retainer

All garage doors feature a bottom retainer that acts as the seal at the base of the garage door. This garage door bottom seal is responsible for maintaining your home’s energy efficiency, protecting the base of your garage door and keeping pests and debris from entering your home. When it’s exposed to harsh exterior elements, over time, the bottom rubber retainer can become damaged, diminishing the overall effectiveness of the garage door. The garage door bottom retainer is placed at the bottom of your garage door and helps keep the door secure from the elements.

You may discover that your garage door’s bottom rubber retainer needs replacement — check for signs of damage like gaps beneath the door, rusting and cold or heat getting in. When installing a new bottom seal, also consider replacing your door’s weather stripping to improve the performance of your garage door.

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Types of Garage Door Bottom Seal Retainers

Garage door bottom seal retainers are available in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes to easily accommodate different types of garage doors. The most common type of bottom rubber retainers is a U-shaped retainer.

U-Shaped: A U-shaped retainer is one of the most common rubber seals. This rubber retainer gets attached to the underside of your garage door through a track system locking it in place. It is the best low-profile design for a more streamlined, professional appearance.

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Deciding which garage door repair and replacement products best suit your needs and long-term expectations can be tough — for help choosing garage door bottom rubber retainer products, contact Markham Garage Doors. We’re a locally owned and operated company serving homeowners throughout Markham, Aurora and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our highly trained and experienced technicians understand the unique needs of local homeowners and provide prompt, dependable services to improve your daily activity. When your garage door needs seal retainer replacements, trust our team to find the most effective, reliable products for lasting efficiency.

To learn more about our garage door repair services or our selection of garage door bottom seal products, call us today at 905-472-9178 or fill out our online form. We also invite you to request a free service estimate for your next garage door repair or installation project.

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