Garage Door Will Not Close

Garage Door Will Not Close

Perhaps your garage door won’t close, or it only goes down a little then reverses. When the door reverses it will likely be followed by a clicking sound and lights flashing on the garage door opener unit. This is caused by the photo eyes not being aligned properly, or perhaps they were bumped by an object like a shovel or a garbage bin. When these eyes are no longer lined up they send a signal to the garage door opener telling the unit not too close that something is in obstructing the path. The other cause could be the lenses on the photo eyes are dirty or there is a spider sitting on the lens any of these things will cause the opener to reverse.

In order to fix this you need to go into the garage, bend down and adjust the alignment of these photo eyes. It is easy to do and with the twist of a wing nut; they are easily moved. In order to align the photo eyes they must look directly at each other as in the picture above. The red laser in the picture is just to show you proper alignment; your photo eyes will not show a red beam because the beam is invisible. When you have properly lined these photo eyes, a light on each photo eye will be lit up solid and not flicker. Once this is completed, go ahead and press your button; your door will immediately start closing properly. If you have performed this task and your door will still not close, then it is possible that one of these eyes is burnt out and needs replacing. Markham Garage Doors would be happy to come out today and replace the photo eyes for you, or you can come in and purchase a set of eyes to install for yourself.

If at any time you experience your door not opening, you will need to place a service call as your door will either have a broken cable, a broken spring, or another issue regarding the balance or alignment. Contact us and we would be happy to come out today and fix this for you!

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