Garage Door Track Replacement

Garage Door Track Replacement

Have you discovered that your garage door is making strange sounds or having jerky movements while opening and closing? While this unusual behaviour can be unpleasant, it could indicate that your garage door tracks are worn or damaged. The garage door tracks are one of the most important components of your garage door system — they hold the garage door rollers in place, smoothly guiding the door open and closed — and with regular use, they can become bent, which prevents the door from operating properly.

Garage door track repair is one of the most common repair issues local homeowners experience. To keep your garage door in pristine condition and prevent hardware damage to other areas of your garage door, contact a skilled professional to inspect your system and repair what’s needed.

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Common Causes for Damaged Garage Door Tracks

In most cases, homeowners use their garage doors as the main entrance to their homes, and with regular use and non-frequent maintenance, the garage door tracks can become damaged, bent or warped. If your garage door tracks are damaged, then it’s likely been caused by:

  • Salt and Moisture Damage: The bottom of your garage door sees a lot of moisture and salt during our winter season. This constant dampness corrodes the tracks and weakens the entire system to the point replacement is the only option. 
  • Broken Drums or Cables: The drums and cables are responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the door, so the opener can easily lift and lower it. If the garage door’s cables or drums have been damaged, the drum is jammed or the cables show signs of wear, like fraying, then your system is lacking proper weight counterbalance. The entire weight of the door is resting on the track, which can lead to damage.
  • Damaged Rollers: Garage door rollers need to be regularly lubricated to ensure they can easily glide along the garage door track. If they lack proper lubrication, the rollers may have difficulty moving along the tracks, which can cause hardware tension and track damage. 
  • Path Obstructions: If the door’s photo eye sensors have become misaligned, then the garage door could potentially strike an object in the path of the closing door. If the door closes on an object, it could cause the door to become misaligned or damaged. 
  • Recent Impact: If you’ve recently hit your garage door with your vehicle or any other large object, then the impact could have bent the tracks. 
  • Track Age: As the garage door tracks age, they can get debris or corrosion buildup which affects the quality of the hardware and can eventually cause warping and other damage. 

If your garage door isn’t operating efficiently and smoothly and you suspect your garage door tracks are damaged, avoid using the door until a professional can inspect your system and properly identify the issue. By using garage doors with bent tracks, you can cause damage and strain to other pieces of garage door hardware — in severe cases, the door can even come off the track, causing significant property damage and potential injuries.

For Reliable Garage Door Track Repairs, Call Markham Garage Doors Today

If your garage door tracks are bent or your system isn’t operating safely and dependably, contact the skilled professionals at Markham Garage Doors to inspect your system and recommend quality repairs. We provide services throughout the Markham, Ontario area and its surrounding communities including Aurora, Mount Albert, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Stouffville. Our team can perform quality repairs to any garage door make or model, using only the best parts and equipment for lasting performance.

Request a free garage door track repair service estimate today by calling 905-472-9178 or completing our online contact form.

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