Broken Garage Door Cables

Garage Door Cable Repair

If a cable snaps or begins to, you should stop using your door right away. If you notice frayed wires, strange sounds, or you just feel like your door isn’t working the way it should call Markham Garage Doors as soon as you can.

If your garage door is on an angle, one of the cables has snapped on your garage door, don’t try to open or close the door. Instead, call Markham Garage Doors, we can replace any size garage door cable usually the same-day.


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What Happens When the Cable Breaks?

Your garage door’s cables are an important part of the system and help support the weight of the door itself. Two cables lift your garage door from the bottom section, one on the left side and one on the right side. When one of these cables snaps the door has no choice but to lift on the side that is not broken. Usually, the door is only on a slight angle when this first happens and gets much worse when the homeowner tries to open the door.



Choose Professional Service From Markham Garage Doors

When your garage cable snaps trust the professionals at Markham Garage Doors to get your garage door back to perfect working order. If you’re not an expert, you could accidentally cause more damage, raising your repair costs and even harming yourself or your belongings in the process.

When you call Markham Garage Doors we will evaluate the problems with your garage door and come up with the best solution. Before we begin working, we will get your go-ahead after outlining all of your options and costs associated with the repair.

Our team of expert installers will replace your garage door’s cables and inspect the door for any other issues. With same-day service, your garage door will be back to working order in no time. Plus, our competitive pricing means the garage door cable replacement won’t cause you extra stress.

If the issue is not a broken cable, the other two most common issues would be either a broken garage door spring or your garage door opener has a broken gear. These issues will affect the opening of your garage door and should be taken care of right away to reduce further damage to the door, belongings and even harming yourself.

When your garage door breaks, it causes a huge inconvenience to you and your family. To get back to your normal routine, contact us to schedule your repair or learn more about our services.

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