Garage Door Weather Stripping

Garage Door Weather Stripping

When your garage door is closed, do you notice a draft coming in between the top and sides of your door? If so, you likely have damaged or old garage door weather stripping, or you may be missing the weather seal altogether. With constant exposure to the elements and outdoor debris, garage door weather stripping is one of the most common repair tasks for homeowners. By keeping your weather seal in top condition, you can better protect the contents of your garage, improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep pests and debris out.

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Signs of Damaged or Worn Garage Door Weather Seals

Garage door weather stripping is primarily responsible for sealing your garage door and keeping out pests, drafts, dust, dirt and water from the top and sides of the door. Due to exterior exposure, the rubber or vinyl weather stripping around your garage door may shrink, stiffen or crack over time. Easily determine if your garage door needs fresh weather stripping by checking:

  • For any light peeking at the sides or top of the garage door. 
  • If there are any light breezes from outside coming into your garage. 
  • Signs of obvious weather stripping damage like cracking, flaking or missing pieces.

Replacing Your Garage Door’s Weather Stripping

With the proper tools, replacing your garage door’s top and side weather seal is a fairly simple task. Begin fixing your garage door weather stripping by:

  • Measuring: Measure the width of the opening at the top of the door and sides where you’ll replace the weather stripping.
  • Cut to the proper length: It can be difficult to cut the top piece of weather stripping. Try temporarily nailing one end of the seal so that it’s in place, then adding a couple of temporary nails along the width of the seal. Doing so will hold up the other end so that you can mark it for cutting to achieve a tight fit.
  • Installing new weather stripping: With the garage door closed, press weather stripping against the garage door. Install top first then sides, by nailing it in place, usually 6-8 inches of spacing between the nails is sufficient.

If you install your garage door weather seal correctly, you’ll experience multiple benefits. The right installation can turn your garage into a work area in the winter by keeping the cold out.

Trust Markham’s Leading Garage Door Repair Specialists for Your Weather Stripping Replacement

Markham Garage Doors is Markham, Ontario’s premier garage door repair and maintenance experts providing comprehensive, affordable and reliable garage door services. We offer personalized solutions to ensure all of our repair services meet your specific needs and expectations.

If your garage door needs a new piece of weather stripping, contact the professionals at Markham Garage Doors to perform replacement services that improve the performance and efficiency of your garage door. Schedule service today by calling us at 905-472-9178 or complete our online contact form to request a free repair estimate.

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