Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges

Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges

Without the garage door hinges, your garage door would be a collection of disconnected panels that couldn’t properly raise or lower. The garage door hinges are also responsible for allowing the panels to smoothly pivot while the door moves. With regular movement, garage door hinges can become loose or worn, which can damage the panels or the garage door track over time.

While broken garage door hinges can be a hassle and prevent use of the door, diagnosing the issue and making replacements is simple, especially with help from a professional garage door repair company.

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Identifying Broken Garage Door Hinges

A telltale sign there’s a piece of broken hardware on your garage door is typically unusual, loud noises or jerking movement when the door is moving — and that’s the most effective method for finding damaged hinges. To easily determine whether you have broken garage door hinges, look for the following signs:

  • Check for obvious damage including loose fasteners, rusted parts, broken pieces or warping. Loose screws indicate the entire garage door hinge needs to be replaced versus repaired.
  • Stiff or unbalanced garage door movement — carefully attempt opening and closing the garage door and note any jerky movement.

Replacing Broken or Damaged Garage Door Hinges

Of garage door repairs, replacing garage door hinges is one of the simplest and least expensive projects. However, unless you’re familiar with safe and proper garage door care, garage door hinge replacement should still be completed by a trained professional with the proper tools and equipment. The garage door hinges support a significant amount of the door’s weight and tension, and mishandling the garage door can damage other parts including the cables, drums and rollers. It can also potentially cause serious personal injury.

If you’re confident about your repair abilities, you can replace garage door hinges by following these steps:

  • Lift the door and stabilize it by connecting it to the track using a C-clamp. Then, prevent panel sagging by placing a board or other stable object beneath the bottom garage door panel.
  • Unbolt the damaged hinge by loosening the nuts and bolts — angle the hinge away from the door to remove the hinge and the roller.
  • Place the new hinge and roller by sliding the roller into its corresponding hole then put the roller into the track. Finally, install and fasten the new hinge.

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