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Markham Garage Doors believes our customers deserve punctual service because your time is very valuable.

Markham Garage Doors runs a full-service company from Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. We are able to come to your home extremely quickly to get you out and on your way. Most door failures happen when the door is closed this is because the full tension is on your springs in this position.

Here is a way to save you the added expense of a 24hr service call. If your door breaks outside of business hours at night or on the weekend and your car is stuck inside your garage, you can use the garage door opener as long as you help the opener lift the door. Take your remote in your hand and press the button as you lift your door as hard as you can, the door will open and the opener will hold it up. Then you can move your car to the driveway. After the car is out you should leave your door up or close it with the remote. Only attempt this if you are in good physical condition and you have a basic understanding of mechanics. If the opener is the problem, and it will not lift the garage door, you can pull the red release cord hanging from the opener and operate your garage door by hand this again will allow you to access your garage to remove your car and schedule a service call during regular business hours, which costs a fraction of the price. Remember when running a garage door by hand never put your fingers between the sections use the handles to lift or close the door.

Markham Garage Doors is always able to give you a price to fix your door over the phone as the owners Chris Dale and Kevin Chappel are the people answering all the incoming phone calls. You will always receive the best service over the phone as Chris and Kevin each have over 15 years experience. Expect nothing but knowledge and expertise every call.

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