Commercial Garage Door Openers

At Markham Garage Doors, we understand that the overall efficiency and fluid functionality of your commercial garage door system depends on the quality and condition of your commercial garage door operator. We offer a wide selection of LiftMaster garage door operator products specifically designed and manufactured to accommodate a range of commercial performance needs.

The helpful, knowledgeable team at Markham Garage Doors is happy to work with local Markham business owners to select and install premium LiftMaster commercial openers to improve the functionality of your garage door system and make your daily activities easier.

Commercial Automatic Garage Door Operators at Markham Garage Doors

When you trust Markham Garage Doors for your commercial garage door operator installation, you'll find the largest variety of LiftMaster openers throughout the Markham area. Our LiftMaster operators are highly customizable to suit your unique daily operational needs and perform in any type of industrial environment — keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

At Markham Garage Doors, you'll find the following commercial automatic door operators:

  • Medium-Duty Hoist Operator: For lighter daily operations, the medium-duty hoist operator is perfect for lifting smaller commercial doors fewer than 50 cycles per day. This model features manual operations in case of an emergency and helpful timer-to-close capabilities.
  • Medium-Duty Trolley Operator: The medium-duty trolley operator features standard lifts and connects from the ceiling directly to the door. The MT can handle up to 50 cycles per day and has disconnect engagement for safe use during power outages. With the MT you'll also have single-button operations and be able to use an interlock switch.
  • Hoist Operator Logic 5.0: LiftMaster's Hoist Operator is the best solution for heavily trafficked industrial areas — this opener is specially constructed with a space-saving wall-mounted design, can easily lift large sectional overhead doors, and performs up to 90 cycles per day. The H operator features MyQ capabilities for remote control and monitoring, it can receive real-time garage door alerts, and offers useful timer-to-close features. Voltage for the Hoist operator is customizable to suit any operational needs.
  • Trolley Operator Logic 5.0: This opener can lift standard-sized doors up to 90 cycles per day. The T operator connects to the door from the ceiling and can also have customized voltage to meet specific job requirements.
  • Apartment Trolley Operator Logic 5.0: Ideal for active environments, the Apartment Trolley Operator can perform over 100 cycles each day. This model has Wi-Fi connectivity with MyQ monitoring and can send owners real-time alerts.

Reliable Commercial Garage Door Installation, Service and Repairs

With regular daily use in often highly active environments, it's common for commercial garage doors to experience wear and tear, like operator malfunctions, bent tracks or damaged hardware. At Markham Garage Doors, our team works quickly to identify the cause of your system's breakdown and recommend affordable, quality solutions to return your system to its maximum efficiency.

All of our commercial garage door repairs are performed using the highest-quality tools and equipment available, to exceed performance standards and ensure dependable functionality. Our team can even provide same-day repair services and free service quotes.

To keep your commercial garage door system in optimal condition and extend its usable lifespan, ask one of our technicians about our comprehensive maintenance. We'll thoroughly inspect your system several times per year, looking over all parts and hardware and lubricating them as needed. As needed, we'll recommend repairs or upgrades to improve your door's operations.

For Quality Commercial Garage Door Services, Contact Markham Garage Doors Today

By choosing Markham Garage Doors for all of your commercial garage door installation, maintenance and repair needs, you're ensuring you receive the most knowledgeable, dependable and friendly services throughout the Markham, Ontario, area. We offer the widest selection of LiftMaster commercial garage door operators to suit any business need or performance expectations, and our team will work closely with you to ensure you select a model that suits your operations.

To learn more about our overhead commercial garage door openers, complete our online contact form or call 905-472-9178 to speak with a specialist.

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