Replace Broken Rollers

Replace Broken Rollers

Without garage door rollers, you’d find it incredibly difficult to raise and lower your garage door on a daily basis. Garage door rollers are small wheels placed inside the door tracks that facilitate smooth, efficient movement of the door up and down. When in good condition, the rollers should spin freely within the track, but if they’re deteriorating in quality, they’ll often make a grinding noise while the door is in motion. Over time, damaged rollers can damage the garage door track or even guide the door off track.

By keeping garage door rollers well-maintained and replacing damaged pieces as needed, homeowners can ensure the dependable, safe use of their garage doors and prevent additional problems.

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Types of Garage Door Rollers

When replacing your broken garage door rollers, homeowners will have the option to choose from two different materials nylon and steel. By selecting top quality nylon garage door rollers, you’ll experience quieter operation, smoother door movement and more reliable, long-term performance.

Most homeowners may be used to poor quality rollers — garage doors manufactured before 2008 had rollers made of inexpensive, interior plastic or metal materials that are intended to perform for only two or three years. When updating your garage door rollers choose nylon, they typically include 10 or 13 ball bearings which help the roller move smoothly and quietly. Nylon rollers produce less stress on other parts of your garage door and don’t require as much maintenance and lubrication as alternative options.

Common Causes of Garage Door Roller Damage

Worn and broken garage door rollers can create irritating grinding sounds while the door is in motion, and they can also add additional strain to your garage door tracks and opener. Commonly, if your garage door rollers are home builder quality hardware provided at initial door installation, the rollers can show signs of wear and damage if the track is filled with debris, they were not properly maintained or they’re poorly lubricated.

Besides unpleasant noises, you can easily determine whether you could benefit from garage door roller replacement by inspecting the quality of your hardware:

  • Press the rollers to see if they’re secure and can spin freely without catching or locking up. 
  • Note any cracks or other signs of visual damage. 
  • Inspect whether the garage door rollers are beyond repair and too grimy to effectively clean. 

Contact Markham Garage Doors for Quality Garage Door Roller Replacement

When you need prompt and reliable garage door roller repair or replacement, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable experts at Markham Garage Doors. We’re a locally owned garage door installation and maintenance company dedicated to providing local Markham, Ontario residents with the most dependable, helpful garage door services possible. For our customers’ convenience, we offer free service estimates and responsive same-day repair services with products and workmanship backed by warranties.

To request garage door roller replacement services, call us today at 905-472-9178 or complete our online scheduling form.

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