5 Garage Conversion Ideas

5 Garage Conversion Ideas

What’s a homeowner to do in the middle of one of the coldest winters in recent memory here in Markham? Aside from trying to keep your driveway and sidewalks free of snow and ice, you’re probably not getting into too many outdoor activities in what has been either double-digit below-freezing temperatures, or mini ice storms.

But being stuck indoors can leave you at a loss for what to do next. Here’s a suggestion, next time you’ve had enough of Netflix, reading and social media, you can start thinking of the possibilities for converting your garage into a living space.

Even if the thought hasn’t entered your mind, the idea of it is intriguing, especially when you check out some of the possibilities.

If this sounds interesting, and its hailing outside, sit back and take a look of just some of the possibilities for your garage.

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Garage Conversions

1. Instant Home Addition

Well, maybe not instant in the sense of ‘right this minute’, but certainly faster and less costly than building an extension to your home.

One of the first examples we ever saw of using an attached garage to add living space was right here in Scarborough. If you’ve never heard of the ‘Ben Jungle’, it is the neighbourhood of typical 1950s Scarborough bungalows on the north side of Lawrence Ave., between McCowan and Brimley, where all the streets have ‘Ben” in their names, including Benleigh Drive, Ben Stanton Blvd., and, maybe coolest of all, Benorama Crescent.

Unlike many houses of the era, most Ben Jungle homes were built with an attached garage, even though the homes were relatively small compared to today’s standards. To open up space in the home for a larger family, one homeowner created a formal dining room in the garage. You could also create a bedroom, family room or any other space for which you would otherwise need to build an addition.

2. Hobby Room

If you’re indeed stuck inside, it might be a great time to indulge in your hobby, like artistic painting, modeling or scrapbooking. The problem is that many hobbyists need to put everything away when not actually taking part in the hobby, and bring it all out again when they’re ready to go. If you want a dedicated space where you can indulge in your hobby any time, your garage can be it.

3. Home Gym

This one can even pay for itself over time. While many fitness buffs might have one or two pieces of equipment at home, buying a gym membership is usually needed to get all the facilities they want for a good workout. But you can save the membership fees and have the space for different machines, as well as an aerobics and stretching area, right in your garage – and you don’t have to drive to get there!

4. Brew Pub

They are trendy places to go for a night out. But, if you brew your own beer and/or make your own wine, not only does your garage offer lots of space for all that fermenting, but you can have your very own brew pub in your garage. This is one that you can take to any level you want, from a bare-bones brewery and bar, to a fully decorated and ‘lit’ nightspot.

5. Home Entertainment Centre

Home entertainment has come a long way. It used to be just a TV and a stereo. Now, to do it right, you need a multi-seat home theatre, including a couch-shaking sound system, a dedicated hi-def gaming screen, seating and two or three different brands of game consoles, a popcorn machine, fridge and (are you ready for this?) a space for a VR system.

It’s kinda fun thinking of everything you can do with your garage, isn’t it? Maybe until it comes time to actually do it! If you’d like to instantly improve the look of your garage, consider getting a new garage door! Markham Garage Doors has the only showroom in Markham, so you can browse our selection while waiting out this cold winter! Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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