How to Adjust A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

How to Adjust A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Ways to Keep Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Working at Optimum Levels

In the vast majority of cases, Chamberlain garage door openers will open and close smoothly and efficiently each and every time they are so required. It is also generally accepted that the lifecycle for these garage door openers should be roughly 10 to 15 years, assuming a performance rate ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 open-and-close cycles annually.

When the aggregate number of multiple-year cycles is taken into consideration, it can certainly have a toll on garage door openers, simply due to the vibrations of normal operation as well as the repeated effects of starting and stopping basically on demand. Therefore, notwithstanding their seemingly routine operation, Chamberlain garage door openers might need some periodic adjustments to ensure that they continue to work at optimum levels as long as possible. Specifically, this means paying attention to:

  • The travel limits of the door upon opening and closing
  • The force required to activate the safety mechanisms

Any and all tests and adjustments can be performed in do-it-yourself fashion and should be completed on at least an annual basis. The process also applies to all Chamberlain garage door openers regardless of the drive system or horsepower.

In terms of actual tools, very little is required:

  • A step ladder
  • A slotted screwdriver (often called a flathead)
  • A properly functioning garage door remote control

Perhaps the most important element to performing any tests or adjustments will be the presence of a partner. Equipped with the above items, the team can proceed as follows:

  • Establishing the travel limits of Chamberlain garage door openers
    • Note – adjustment screws are on the left side of garage door opener motorheads
    • Note – one full turn of these screws equates to a door travel distance of two inches
      • Setting the up-limit
        • Position ladder below the back or rear portion of the opener to access the adjustment screws
        • Open door using remote – bottom of door should come to rest just below header
        • If door does not stop in this position, an up-or-down adjustment is likely required
        • Turn the up-limit screw clockwise to raise door or counter-clockwise to lower door
        • Using remote, close door then re-open to check travel – repeat process if needed
      • Setting the down-limit
        • Once travel limit has been adjusted for the open position, close door using remote
        • Door should close tightly to the garage floor without gaps (no penetration of light)
        • If there is a gap, adjust down-limit screw accordingly (counter-clockwise) to lower
        • Using remote, open door then re-close to check travel – repeat process if needed
        • Door will automatically re-open if adjusted too far (safety mechanism is engaged)
        • Readjust down-screw – turn clockwise to change travel limit for the down position
  • Testing the activation of safety features with garage door openers
    • Note – these adjustment screws are on the upper right side of garage door openers
      • Setting the up-force
        • Place ladder below lens side of opener to access these screws (under lens cover)
        • Ask partner to stand outside the door – this test should begin with door closed
        • Open door using remote – at approximately the half-way point, and with the door in motion, partner should gently clutch bottom of door and apply some downforce
        • Door should basically stop moving immediately when encountering the obstruction
        • If undue force must be applied before door stops, up-force adjustment is needed
        • Turn up-force screw slightly counter-clockwise – return door to the closed position using the remote and repeat test as needed until desired safety result is achieved
      • Setting the down-force
        • Once up-force has been correctly adjusted, use remote to open door completely
        • Once again, ask partner to stand in position just outside the garage door opening
        • Lower door using remote – at approximately the half-way point, and with the door in motion, partner should grasp bottom of door and pull upward slightly
        • Door should stop moving immediately and then automatically reverse
        • If door does not immediately stop and reverse, down-force adjustment is needed
        • Turn down-force screw marginally counter-clockwise – return the door to its open position using the remote and repeat test as necessary to achieved desired result

If any of the above adjustments are proving to be a challenge and/or sensitive in nature, homeowners have the option of contacting an expert in the installation of Chamberlain garage door openers, such as a trained technician from Markham Garage Doors.

Adjust Your Garage Door Opener With Markham Garage Doors 

The adjustment of garage door openers is merely one of the many services offered by the specialists from Markham Garage Doors. For over 10 years, Markham Garage Doors has assisted residential and commercial property owners in Toronto and the GTA with all of their garage door problems and needs, including:

  • Parts/repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Door installations
  • Garage door opener installations
  • Maintenance and tune-ups
  • Emergency/same day service

For more information on the extensive services provided by Markham Garage Doors, including the testing and adjusting of Chamberlain garage door openers, please visit our Services page.

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