Protective Measures for Washing Your Car in the Garage During the Winter

Protective Measures for Washing Your Car in the Garage During the Winter

Avoid Unneeded Garage Door Maintenance When Washing the Car in the Garage

It is no secret that winter weather can be damaging to a vehicle, particularly the effects of road salt, sand, and frozen slush/ice on the undercarriage and side panels.  There are secondary issues to this situation as well, such as the unsightliness of an unclean vehicle and the sheer sloppiness of these materials as they thaw/drip onto the garage floor after the vehicle has been parked inside for a while.

The easier solution would be to take the vehicle to a touchless carwash or perhaps even a pay-and-spray self-service bay before heading home; but the former can be harmful to the vehicle’s finish and the latter could be inconvenient, especially on a cold winter day, and the out-of-pocket cost for either method can add up in a hurry during a particularly messy winter driving season.  Therefore, a better and more cost-efficient solution could involve washing the vehicle inside the garage, provided that the following are taken into consideration:

  • There is sufficient space to work around the entire vehicle
  • There is no aversion to some manual labor (hand-washing)
  • Precautions are in place to protect the garage floor/contents
  • Similar precautions are employed to protect the garage door

Hand-washing the vehicle would likely be the favoured method, since any water sprayed from a hose, even the finest of mists, could be deposited on personal belongings as well as the garage door and its related hardware; depending on the temperature of the air in the garage (the vast majority are unheated), this mist/spray could freeze and ultimately lead to garage door maintenance issues that would contravene/override any cost-savings from washing the car at home.

To hand-wash a vehicle when it is parked inside the garage, one will need the following products/materials:

  • One bucket with hot water and car shampoo
  • One bucket with warm water only (for rinsing)
  • A wash mitt and drying towels (waffle-weave)
  • Spray wax, spray sealant, or quick-detail spray
  • Latex gloves and high-quality microfiber towels
  • One floor squeegee or a wet/dry shop vacuum

While the specific brands of products/materials would certainly be left to the discretion of the vehicle owner, having a floor squeegee or shop vac on hand will be very important in the overall process.  Though not directly related to actually cleaning the vehicle, the use of either item to clear away the sludge/water that is deposited on the garage floor during the washing/rinsing stages will be critical in protecting the floor itself as well as the parts of the garage door that are in close proximity.

Allowing slush/water to accumulate and potentially freeze at the base of the garage door or its tracking can negatively affect its structural integrity and/or its operating efficiency.

Rely on Markham Garage Doors if Garage Door Maintenance is Needed in Winter

In many cases, the size of a garage, or at least the available floor space, does not lend itself to hand-washing a vehicle during the winter.  Furthermore, time and circumstances can intervene to prevent homeowners from clearing away salt, sand, or slush from their vehicle before parking it in the garage. Add to this the cold temperatures and weather conditions experienced in Markham and the GTA throughout the winter and it creates an ideal recipe for potential garage door maintenance.

When these types of materials are allowed to accumulate and/or freeze along the base of the garage door, whether, on the interior or the exterior, the door and its hardware can experience several problems that may require the garage door maintenance and repair expertise of Markham Garage Doors. Such situations can include:

  • Water damage to wooden door panels
  • Water damage to wooden door frames
  • Door misalignment due to ice formation
  • Corrosion or distortion of metal tracking
  • Snapped or broken springs and/or cables
  • Stress on garage door opener motors/drives
  • Torn/damaged weather stripping/rubber gaskets

Should any of these circumstances occur throughout the winter, they can not only cause a good deal of inconvenience when garage door dependability is needed the most, but it can also pose safety and security risks for the family and their possessions.  To alleviate or at least minimize the worry and disruption, homeowners can rely on the garage door maintenance and repair professionals from Markham Garage Doors.  Trained technicians from Markham Garage Doors can usually provide a same-day response for all garage door maintenance needs in the winter and throughout the entire year as well.

If you experience any damage or operational issues with your garage door this winter, call the maintenance and repair experts from Markham Garage Doors today at either (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a service visit at your convenience.

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