Different Types of Garage Door Materials

Different Types of Garage Door Materials

Garage Doors Available in a Range of Materials that Appeal to Different Needs

With the advent of the automobile came a need for a private facility where owners could shelter or protect their vehicles; hence the concept of a dedicated garage rather than a more multi-purpose structure such as a barn or carriage house.  It would naturally follow that the often heavy, awkward, and inflexible doors of barns and carriage houses would evolve into more aptly-designed garage doors.

Initially, garages were often built separately or detached from the home and the garage doors were primarily made of wood.  As time progressed and attached garages became the preferred residential design, garage doors became an integral part of the exterior appearance or aesthetics of the home.  Add advancements in technology with respect to garage door construction into the mix and, to paraphrase an oft-used expression, what is available today ‘is not your grandfather’s garage doors’.

Residential property owners today can select from a variety of materials when they need or want new garage doors for their homes.  The most common options include:

  • Wood
  • Steel (most popular)
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood composite

Each material offers a number of advantages based on specific homeowner needs, yet may not provide absolutely every feature that the purchaser may desire or require.  The following synopsis offers a comparison of the accepted pros and cons for each material:


  • Lowest-priced alternative for residential garage doors
  • Aesthetically appealing material
  • Has reasonable insulating qualities
  • Requires regular maintenance (sanding and refinishing)
  • Susceptible to warping, cracks, rot, and insect infestation


  • Overall high durability
  • Reasonably priced
  • Low maintenance
  • Foam insulation backing is an option (for greater warmth)
  • Can be manufactured to look like a wooden door (aesthetics)
  • Can rust easily and quickly if not properly maintained


  • More durable material than wood – resists warping
  • Can be made to resemble the appearance of wood
  • Able to withstand dents and penetration by moisture and insects
  • Essentially a very poor insulator
  • Can fade from weather extremes and deteriorate in cold climates


  • Lighter and less expensive than steel
  • Can also be produced to look like painted wood
  • Adding insulation is an option
  • More resistant than steel to rust/corrosion
  • More likely to dent than steel garage doors
  • Better quality aluminum doors can be very expensive

Wood composite

  • Manufactured with recycled wood fibers
  • Similar strength to steel doors
  • Can be painted or stained
  • More resistant to rot and cracks than natural wood
  • Lower quality than traditional/authentic wood doors
  • Less durable than steel, aluminum, and fiberglass
  • Choice of colors and models may be limited

Residential garage doors have certainly come a long way since their concept was first introduced many decades ago.  Based on homeowner needs, personal preferences, and budgets, the alternatives for garage doors today are wide-ranging although perhaps not ideal on an individual basis.

Markham Garage Doors Offers an Extensive Inventory from Top Manufacturers

Choosing new residential garage doors can be a daunting and exhaustive process and should be based on more than just their composition/material.  To assist homeowners in the buying process, Markham Garage Doors has an extensive inventory of residential garage doors on full display in its 1000+ square foot showroom, located at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham.

Markham Garage Doors carries and installs garage doors from major manufacturers such as:

  • LiftMaster
  • Clopay
  • Equal
  • Haas Door
  • Richards-Wilcox
  • Steel-Craft

For a sampling of the many garage doors that can be seen on display in the Markham Garage Doors showroom, please visit https://markhamgaragedoors.com/gallery/

If you are in the market for new or replacement residential garage doors, Markham Garage Doors carries an extensive inventory from all of the top door manufacturers.  Call Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 or visit our vast showroom at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham to find the right garage door or doors for your home.

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