Add Windows to Your Garage Door to Enhance the Look and Value of Your Home

Add Windows to Your Garage Door to Enhance the Look and Value of Your Home


Many homeowners will often dream of the upgrades or renovations that they would like to make to either the interior or the exterior of their home. In some cases, the changes may be intended to modernize or brighten living space, while in other instancesthey are seen as equity investments or, in simpler terms, enhancing the curb appeal of the home.

Some of these changes may be more subtle in nature, others perhaps more elaborate, but they can all be pictured in the mind nonetheless. Unfortunately, many of these ideas and plans can be quashed for reasons of time, scope, and/or money; as a result, those visuals remain just that – mental images that linger out-of-reach or are filed away under the heading of ‘someday maybe’.

Well, there is at least one way to achieve that renovation/upgrade objective and address the issues of time, scope, and cost all in a single project – the installation of windows in a solid garage door. Within just a couple of days or less, homeowners can have windows installed in their garage door at a reasonable cost and instantly augment the curb appeal of their home.

There are several aesthetic and functional benefits that can be gained from upgrading an existing garage door with new windows. These would include:

  • Permitting the entry of natural light into the garage
  • Softening the horizontal lines of external stone/brick
  • Complementing the size/shape of other front windows
  • Adding architectural detail to the exterior of the home
  • Presenting a warm, welcoming look versus a solid door
  • Retaining privacy by using opaque or tinted glass panes

Garage door windows can be added to almost any type of solid door, although the design options might be limited based on the age, model, and/or composition of the door; and while some do-it-yourself homeowners might feel adventurous, it is highly advisable that the work be contracted to a professional garage door repair and maintenance provider such as Markham Garage Doors.

The expert technicians from Markham Garage Doors have the knowledge and expertise to complete any such upgrades without compromising the structural integrity of the door or its operation. The work would include making any needed adjustments to the tension in the garage door springs, which may be necessary as a result of altering the overall weight of the door itself.

A Garage Door Replacement Can Enrich the Curb Appeal of Your Home, Property

For some homeowners, adding windows to their garage door may take the form of a full door upgrade/replacement. This may simply be due to the age/state of the existing door or a need/wish to upgrade any or all of the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Home safety/security
  • Aesthetics/color scheme

When shopping for a replacement garage door, homeowners may find benefit by visiting the 1000 square-foot showroom of Markham Garage Doors, located at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham. Here, homeowners can compare and contrast a wide range of full-scale garage doors from all the leading North American door manufacturers in terms of:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Material
  • Insulation
  • Window Options
  • And More!

For a preview of the many doors on display in the Markham Garage Doors showroom, visit Our Gallery.

See our Garage Door Installation page for further information on garage door replacement and other services provided by the team from Markham Garage Doors.

Adding windows to an existing garage door or upgrading via a garage door replacement can transform the look of your home and immediately enrich its curb appeal. Call the garage door repair and replacement specialists from Markham Garage Doors at today at (416) 570-3667 or (905) 472-9178to request your no-obligation consultation or visit our showroom at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham.

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