Adding Aluminum Capping To A Garage Door Frame Offers Several Advantages

Adding Aluminum Capping To A Garage Door Frame Offers Several Advantages

Although there is a substantial amount of truth to the statement that a book should not be judged by its cover, it is often human nature to form and retain an opinion based on a first impression. This can be applied to practically every aspect of life from interpersonal relationships to material possessions – when it comes to the latter, people might assess both the value and the condition of a home simply by the appearance of its trim work, including the gutters and downspouts, window frames, and the frame of the garage door.

While the look of the garage door and its adjoining frame may have little in common with the state of the home in general, a perception that maintenance is lacking may lead an outside observer to believe that a similar lack of attention is likely a reality elsewhere throughout the house and property. Since the garage door is such a prominent feature of the exterior of a home, eyes may be drawn to this area first, and any peeling paint or weather-beaten wood on the frame will stand out like a proverbial sore thumb.

In turn, such a perception can and will detract from the aesthetic appeal of the home as well as its apparent value. To counteract and/or prevent such perceptions, homeowners might consider the installation of aluminum capping around the garage door frame.

Installing aluminum capping over an existing garage door frame offers homeowners a number of distinct advantages:

  • Longevity – protects wood against damage from weather extremes
  • Durability – aluminum capping is basically resistant to rusting or fading
  • Aesthetic appeal – a clean and smart-looking finish to the garage door
  • Cost savings – less expensive than replacing the entire existing frame
  • A variety of choices – available in several different colors and styles
  • Convenience – essentially maintenance-free once it has been installed

Working with aluminum capping requires specific skills as well as expert workmanship to ensure that the garage door frame has a smooth, clean, and professional look. The installation of aluminum capping may also need to include some attention/repair to the frame or the garage door itself.

Therefore, installation of aluminum capping plus any related garage door or frame repair work should be entrusted to certified professionals, such as the service technicians from Markham Garage Doors.

Aluminum Capping On Garage Door Frames Reduces Maintenance Time And Cost

Owing and maintaining a home can sometimes seem like a full-time job. Just when the homeowner feels that all outstanding maintenance needs have been addressed, another list of necessary household jobs seems to magically appear. Therefore, many home and property owners are often looking for, and ready to pay a little more upfront to invest in, low-maintenance types of amenities and/or programs.

When the garage door becomes a focus of their attention, there are several types of low-maintenance models available. The same also holds true for aluminum capping of the garage door frame.

Adding aluminum capping over the existing garage door frame basically eliminates any and all of the following maintenance requirements for this area of the home:

  • Scraping/sanding paint or stain
  • Power washing
  • Repairing any damaged wood
  • Re-painting or re-staining
  • Repeating this process every few years

If the installation of aluminum capping is coupled with a new low-maintenance garage door, homeowners could reduce this aspect of their overall maintenance time and costs to essentially an annual tune-up from the professionals at Markham Garage Doors.

If you looking to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your home plus reduce/minimize your overall maintenance time and costs, call the experts at Markham Garage Doors today at either (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to arrange a no-obligation consultation on the installation of a new garage door and/or aluminum capping over your existing frame.

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