An Important Layer of Security for Your Garage & Home

An Important Layer of Security for Your Garage & Home

If you’ve never heard of ‘consumer paralysis’, you’ve probably experienced it. It can happen when you’re shopping for something and are faced with so many options, you don’t know which one to choose.

Nowhere is consumer paralysis more likely to set in than when you’re trying to find new locks for the entry doors of your home. In addition to the almost limitless designs, colors and finishes, there always seems to be a new technology, like biometric locks or Bluetooth-enabled locks, vying for your attention and offering higher levels of security.

But, interestingly, if you’ve ever looked for locks for the largest door in your home, your garage door, you’ve probably wondered why there were so few options. While garage door openers keep the door closed, your choices for locks beyond that are generally limited to regular cylinder locks opened with a key.

Now You Have a Choice

Garage door opener manufacturer, LiftMaster, is famous for its wide selection in performance, features, and durability. So its no wonder that earlier this year they released a new option for securing your garage door. 

The LiftMaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock is an add-on accessory that combines the security of a deadbolt lock with technology that allows for monitoring the lock from anywhere with your smartphone using LiftMaster’s exclusive MyQ® app.

The 841LM automatically locks and unlocks every time you open and close your door, so you never need to worry about if the door is locked. And you can check if the door is open or unlocked through your phone. Those features combined with the strength of a deadbolt lock, give your garage and home an added layer of security in a place where it might be needed the most, considering that the garage is a popular way for thieves to get into your home.

To learn more about the 841LM and all of LiftMaster’s products, please call or visit us here at Markham Garage Door, we’re happy to help.

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