Beware These 3 Garage Door Scams

Beware These 3 Garage Door Scams

We love what we do here at Markham Garage Doors. But, unfortunately, the business we’re in is ripe for garage door scams run by unscrupulous installers. And that can reflect badly on every garage door installer. So we like to make you aware of some of the scams we come across so you can avoid being a victim. Last year we told you about what to look for to spot a garage door scam.

The more we hope the scammers disappear and stop casting a shadow over our industry, they seem to keep coming up with new ways to deceive unsuspecting homeowners.

Look Out for These 3 Garage Door Installer Scams

These are three garage door installer scams that are being carried out here in Markham and across the GTA.

1. Too-Good-to-be-True Service Call Prices

One reason why the garage door installation business is popular with scammers is because you don’t usually call for a repair or maintenance until your garage door isn’t working. Then you need help right away. You search the internet and see claims like a “100% Guaranteed $19.00 Repair Service”. But think about it. Even if the repair service is close to your home, can they really visit your house and repair your garage door for $19.00? Instead, after they visit, they will present added charges that they will ask payment for before they repair your door.

2. Coupons

Some garage door installers will offer coupons for discounts on the price of a door, often right on their website. When you compare the discounted door prices to those at a legitimate installer, they will look like a bargain. But what the coupon doesn’t include is the installation charge. So you get a good price on the door, but pay it all back, and more, on the installation.

3. Pretending to Be Another Garage Door Installer

We have been victims of this one ourselves. We enjoy a great reputation in Markham. But other companies will make it look like they are Markham Garage Doors so you think you are dealing with us. Take a close look at web addresses, paperwork, business cards, etc.. Make sure they are all consistent with the company you think you’re dealing with.

There’s one way to avoid all the garage door installation scams out there. Contact us here at Markham Garage Doors!

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