Why DIY Garage Door Repair is Dangerous

Why DIY Garage Door Repair is Dangerous

Why You Shouldn’t Repair A Garage Door Yourself

There are a lot of great reasons to do as many do-it-yourself repairs around the house and garage as you can. First of all, you can save a lot of money, especially for more specialized DIYs like working on your car. Working around the house can be a great diversion from your day-to-day routine and it also keeps you more active and fit.

But, unless you’re trained or very experienced in certain types of home repair, it’s not always a good idea to go the DIY route, regardless of the benefits. Electricals are an example. Not only do things need to be done properly using the right tools, but not following correct code and procedures could mean you end up hurting yourself, creating a fire hazard and risking the safety of your family.

Most people wouldn’t say the risks of repairing their garage door are the same as the risks of wiring their home. First, there’s no danger of electrocution. Second, it’s a relatively simple mechanical thing – it opens and closes – so how difficult can it be?

Two Main Reasons for Fixing a Garage Door

Unless it’s actually damaged in a collision or there’s a problem with your garage door opener, there are two main reasons that your garage door might need to be fixed. The most common problem is that it won’t open and close properly or at all, which means there’s a problem with the spring.

The other problem, which doesn’t happen as often, is when the door doesn’t close evenly along its width, leaving one side open while the other side touches the ground. This is the result of a problem with the cables that help to lift and lower the door.

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

The danger of fixing either of these problems on your own comes from the fact that, in both cases, the torsion spring, which is under a lot of tension, will either need to be replaced or adjusted.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you don’t attempt to fix your garage door yourself and use a professional door repair service. We’re not making this recommendation because we’re a garage door company and we’re trying to scare you into calling us. We make the recommendation because of the serious and costly dangers of replacing or adjusting a garage door spring.

1. Personal Injury

Even if you open and close your door manually, it so easy that the actual weight of the door can be deceiving. The truth is that garage doors can be very heavy, especially double doors. It’s the torsion spring that ‘balances’ the door so you can easily lift and lower it. Without the spring, or if the spring snaps or its tension is lost, the door would be much more difficult to open and could come crashing down with nothing holding it back.

As the largest single moving thing in your home, and the speed at which it can close unexpectedly, there is a significant risk of injury when working on the spring, especially if you don’t have the right replacement spring and the training, experience and/or tools to install and balance it properly.

And if you have a double garage door, you’ll have double the risk because, even if just one spring breaks, you should replace both at the same time to avoid repeating the whole process later.

2. Do More Damage

Even if you manage to not get clobbered by a suddenly closing door, the force of the impact with the ground could easily damage the door. And if you were actually able to install the torsion spring without a visit to the hospital, if you don’t balance it perfectly, it might not fully compensate for all of the door’s weight, which can put additional strain on your garage door opener and cause it to be repaired or replaced sooner than later.

3. It’s Simply Not Worth It

This one may not be a dangerous risk, but if one of the major benefits of DIY repairs is cost savings, then fixing your garage door is probably not worth it. When you combine the fact that you may not be able to use your door for some time, with the costs you’ll have anyway, like for a new spring (if you find the right one) or tools, the relatively small cost savings is not worth the risk – or the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, not only is your garage door properly fixed, but it’ll work safely too.

If you have any problems with your garage door and/or opener, please give us a call at Markham Garage Doors. We offer same-day service to get your door fixed as soon as possible.

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    Why Isn’t Your Garage Door Working Properly?

    As we write this post, we’re in the midst of the first real snowfall of the winter here in Markham. For us, the first sign of snow makes us think of problems that may occur this winter. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help keep your garage door working properly.

    Why? Because it seems like, while it rarely happens, if your garage door is going to have a problem, it’ll be at the worst possible time, like the middle of a snowstorm.  

    Just in case it happens to you this winter, here are some of the reasons why your garage door might not open, or close all the way.

    1. Photo Eyes are Blocked 

    The photo eyes located on each side of your door are one of the main safety systems of your garage door. If something is blocking a clear path between the sensors, they will prevent the door from closing.

    2. Photo Eyes Are Not Aligned

    Just like when something is in their way, if the photo eyes are out of alignment, the signal won’t pass between them and they will prevent the door from closing.

    3. Sensors Need Repair or Replacement

    If there’s nothing blocking the photo eyes and they are properly aligned, they still could be the problem. If there is a power interruption, or there’s some other reason why the signal isn’t passing between the sensors, then they may need to be repaired or replaced.

    4. Broken Springs 

    The massive weight of your garage door is balanced by one or more springs. If they are worn or broken, your garage door opener might not have enough power to lift the weight of the door.

    5. Roller Tracks Not Aligned 

    If the tracks in which the rollers on either side of the door roll are out of alignment to each other, it may be so difficult for the door to run along the tracks that it might get stuck.

    Despite their size and weight, garage doors are fairly simple systems. But, not every garage door repair should be done by the do-it-yourselfer. Contact us here at Markham Garage Doors to learn more.

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      Why You Should Call a Pro if Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close Properly

      While there are lots of reasons why your garage door might not open and close properly, if you eliminate reasons due to the garage door opener, like blocked or misaligned photo eyes, or a stripped gear, then the issue very likely involves the garage door spring(s).

      If you have a manual door, you should be able to open and close the door relatively easily. If not, and there are no other obvious problems, like a blocked runner, then the problem will be with the spring(s).

      If you suspect there’s a problem with your garage door spring, we strongly recommend you call a trained, professional repair person to fix the problem. Yes, we’re a garage door company and our technicians know how to repair all types of spring problems, but we’re not making this recommendation just to get more business. We’re making it because of the serious and expensive consequences of trying to repair springs yourself.

      1. Personal Injury

      Even single garage doors are heavy. The spring is under tension to help you or the opener easily open and close the door. The tension needed to properly balance the door is very high. If you don’t have any experience or training in adjusting torsion springs or the right tools for the job, then you risk serious personal injury by trying to adjust or repair the spring.

      2. Cause More Damage

      Even if you manage to adjust the spring without hurting yourself, proper adjustment can be tricky. You may eliminate the problem that you had but unintentionally create another problem. If your door was opening slowly and you adjusted the spring to compensate, it might not close properly now. And you might not realize that you’ve created the other problem. The consequence? Your garage door opener must work harder to close the door and it will need to be repaired or replaced sooner than later.

      In the end, adjusting a garage door’s torsion spring by yourself is simply not worth the risk or potential cost, especially when you realize that hiring a professional to do the job is less expensive than you think. If your garage door needs service or repair, call the experts at Markham Garage Doors, or fill out our contact form to request service!

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        Garage Door Repairs That You Should Not Attempt Yourself

        Professional Garage Door Repair Service May Outweigh Any DIY Cost Savings

        In many cases, a do-it-yourself approach to maintenance and repairs can be an effective cost-saving measure for homeowners.  Those who are motivated, and who have the time to invest, can attend to numerous aspects of home and property maintenance such as exterior painting, lawn care, landscaping, and replacing bathroom fixtures.

        The same attitude could be applied to do-it-yourself garage door repair – but only to a point.  Homeowners may be capable and comfortable to look after some types of garage door maintenance like:

        • Tightening hardware
        • Lubricating moving parts
        • Replacing weather stripping
        • Insulating an aluminum door

        However, for reasons of both personal safety and a lack of expertise/training in proper methodology, there are several other residential garage door repairs that are best left to skilled and experienced professionals such as the service technicians at Markham Garage Doors.  The most prevailing situations that fall into this do-not-attempt-yourself category consist of the following:

        • Broken springs – replacement requires proper training and tools
        • Snapped cables – must be installed with a high degree of tension
        • Twisted tracking – entire door may need to be removed/reinstalled
        • Cracked/bent rollers – repair/replacement needs patience, precision
        • Broken/damaged panel – some/all of the door may need dismantling

        Should any such circumstances occur, they would certainly result in some inconvenience for the homeowner and their family; it would, therefore, be understood that repairs be made as soon as possible to restore the garage door to its regular and expected level of use.  It would also be reasonable to consider the economics of self-repair versus hiring a professional garage door service provider.

        However, economics may not be the principal/overriding factor when homeowners take into consideration the following potential downsides to do-it-yourself garage door repair:

        • Risk of injury
        • Time investment
        • Lack of tools or equipment
        • A possibility of further door damage
        • Prospects of an unwanted added expense

        When all of the above aspects are examined collectively,it would seem clear that certain do-it-yourself garage door repairs may simply be too risky for the untrained homeowner. It is therefore recommended that some garage door service needs, including spring and cable repairs, be entrusted to an experienced provider such as Markham Garage Doors.

        Prompt and Efficient Award-Winning Residential Garage Door Repair Service

        When homeowners are inconvenienced by garage door-related issues like broken cables or springs, this frustration can be compounded by the unexpectedness of the situation as well as the unanticipated repair costs.  Fortunately, any such angst can be alleviated by contracting the award-winning garage door service professionals from Markham Garage Doors.

        Markham Garage Doors has been recognized by their customers for a level of service that is fast, affordable, and, most importantly, highly satisfactory; requests for service are answered promptly, and the technicians adhere to the scheduled time for the calls,  all in an effort to restore the optimal operation of the door and limit the inconvenience to the family.

        For additional information on the residential garage door repair services provided by the specialists from Markham Garage Doors, including spring and cable repair, please visit our Garage Door Installation page.

        Do-it-yourself garage door repair can pose risks to a homeowner and inadvertently lead to added and unwanted damage and expense.  If your garage door will not open/close properly due to broken or damaged parts, call the professionals from Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 for award-winning repair service.

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          Markham Garage Doors Emergency Service

          Emergency Garage Door Service to Alleviate Inconvenience or Safety Concerns

          It is a well-accepted fact that at some point during the lifecycle of maintaining a home, the homeowner will be faced with the inconvenience and frustration of a malfunctioning garage door.  If that door is opened and closed on a regular/daily basis over a number of years, the law of averages will likely dictate the need for garage door repair services at some point to address failures due to:

          • Broken torsion springs
          • Snapped/detached cables
          • Faulty garage door openers
          • Issues related to door hardware

          Whether a garage door will not open, will not close, or becomes jammed somewhere in-between, the consequences can vary from the nuisance variety to far more significant concerns:

          • Inability to get vehicles into/out of the garage
          • Restricted access to tools, equipment, supplies
          • The potential for personal injuries to family and pets
          • Additional/irreparable damage to the door/opener
          • Reduced home security/prevention against intrusion
          • Decreased protection against property theft/damage

          And for added measure, independent of the circumstances, there is a high probability that a garage door or garage door opener will malfunction at the most inopportune of times, usually late at night, very early in the morning, and/or on the weekend.  Combined with the fact that the majority of garage door failures occur when there is full tension on the spring, that is, when the door is closed, this often means that vehicles are trapped in the garage and family members must either cancel their plans or find alternative ways to get to work, school, church, hockey practice, and anywhere else that they need to be as part of their daily lives and routines.

          This can also mean the need for an emergency service call to alleviate the inconvenience or risk factors that are negatively affecting those routines.  Fortunately for homeowners, Markham Garage Doors does provide 24-hour emergency support as part of their award-winning garage door repair services.

          Unlike many emergency repair services that require consumers to leave a message with an answering service then await a return call from the provider, Markham Garage Doors recognizes that these phone calls are customarily made to request some type of urgent intervention.  To that end, all calls to Markham Garage Doors are answered by company representatives, usually by one of the owners, who will then arrange for a technician to make an on-site service call as soon as possible.  These representatives will also provide a price over the phone for this repair service in order to avoid unwanted surprises for the customer once the work has been completed.

          Award-Winning Garage Door Repair Services to Address All Needs and Concerns

          It is quite understandable that homeowners might see an emergency service visit as the only alternative when a garage door fails to operate outside of traditional business hours or on the weekend.  For a variety of reasons, like those noted above, they need to have that door working properly again and as soon as possible as well.

          However, depending on the cause of the malfunction, homeowners may be able to open and/or close the door at least once during these times, to perhaps move their vehicle to the driveway or better protect their home and property until garage door repairs can be scheduled and completed under non-emergency circumstances.  In addition to providing peace of mind, such an action can save the additional expense of a 24-hour emergency service visit.

          This would be particularly applicable in cases where the issue rests with the garage door opener rather than the door itself.  Many automatic garage door openers have the option of a release cord, which allows for manual operation of the door until a service provider such as Markham Garage Doors can complete the necessary repairs/replacement during regular business hours – at a fraction of the emergency visit cost.

          For situations in which the source of the problem is unclear, or if it can be attributed to a specific issue like a broken torsion spring, it would be advisable to leave these matters to the professionals from Markham Garage Doors, to avoid the possibility of causing more extensive/expensive or irreparable damage to the door or its hardware.  This can either be done on a non-emergency basis or through an emergency service call, depending on the needs and/or preferences of the homeowner.

          Markham Garage Doors is a full-service company operating from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, while also providing 24-hour emergency garage door services to address specific homeowner needs and/or concerns.

          If you are inconvenienced or troubled by a malfunctioning garage door or garage door opener and require emergency repairs/service, call the specialists at Markham Garage Doors at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a technician visit as soon as possible.

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            How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door

            Garage Door Repair Costs Will Be Influenced by a Variety of Situational Factors

            As many homeowners have undoubtedly experienced when they have tried to obtain a specific cost to repair an appliance or a feature of their home, the answer is quite often the same – it depends.  Although it would indeed be helpful for the homeowner to know exactly how much the service will cost, so that they may plan/budget for the work, there are often conditions or circumstances that will impact the eventual price.

            Perhaps the only certainty in these situations is this: the most expensive repairs will be those that are not performed soon enough, ignored altogether, and/or not done properly when they finally are addressed.  Such procrastination and/or shoddy workmanship can result in unnecessary added expense and even the premature replacement of the item.

            With respect to their garage door, there can be many reasons why Toronto homeowners will need to call a repair service.  Such causes might include:

            • Simple aging of the door
            • Worn/broken parts/hardware
            • Exposure to weather extremes
            • Damage from accident or malice
            • General neglect/lack of maintenance

            Subsequently, and in addition to the type and extent of garage door repair work needed, there are particular characteristics to any door that can and will impact the costs of the service calls.  Said in less eloquent terms, garage doors are not all created equal.

            The most influential of these characteristics on the cost of garage door repairs include:

            • Garage Door Style
              • Carriage house doors may be more expensive to repair than sectionals
              • Custom-made doors can be more labor-intensive than standard doors
            • Garage Door Material
              • Wood or glass panel doors could prove more difficult than steel/aluminum
              • Thicker/insulated doors will likely be more costly than non-insulated doors
            • Accessories
              • Garage door openers, window inserts, decorative hardware may add cost
              • Replacement of weather stripping, aluminum capping will be an extra cost
            • Quality of Parts
              • Lower-grade materials will often be cheaper (at least in the shorter-term)
            • Type of Finish
              • Painting, staining, refinishing may be required to restore the aesthetic appeal

            As with most types of repair services, parts and labor costs for garage door repairs can vary depending on the particular situation as well as the business practices of the service provider.  Markham Garage Doors has been recognized as a reliable and award-winning garage door repair provider in Toronto and the GTA, willing to prepare detailed written quotes for any and all types of repair services before any work is undertaken.

            Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Service throughout Toronto and the GTA

            Markham Garage Doors offers repair service for all makes and models of garage doors.  The trained technicians from Markham Garage Doors understand the inconvenience and frustration that can result from a malfunctioning or non-functioning door and therefore make every effort to complete any repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of their work.

            This service includes:

            • Prompt response to service requests
            • A thorough assessment of the situation
            • Presentation of all repair needs and options
            • Accurate quotes – for necessary repairs only
            • Professional expertise and fast, friendly service

            What this service does not include are unexpected or unforeseen surprises that will result in overruns beyond the quoted cost and/or extensions to the inconvenience of having a non-operational garage door.

            If your garage door will not operate properly or has damage that requires repair, call the specialists at Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a service visit and obtain a no-obligation quote at your earliest convenience.

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              If Your Garage Door Won’t Open, It May Be Due to a Broken Spring

              A Broken Garage Door Spring is a Likely Reason Why the Door Will Not Open

              When a garage door suddenly refuses to open, homeowners are often bewildered – it was working just fine yesterday, so what could possibly have happened between then and now to cause this state of perplexity?  After a few unsuccessful attempts to lift the door either manually or using the remote for the automatic door opener, and perhaps a few choice words also, homeowners begin to accept the fact that something is mechanically wrong with their door.

              In a majority of such cases, the likely culprit is a broken garage door spring that will need to be replaced before the door will be able to function properly once again.  Garage doors can weigh in excess of 250 or 300 pounds depending on their size and composition and it is the tension stored in the spring that actually allows that weight to move up and down so freely and smoothly – and why it can be so difficult for one person to open, or deadlift, a door when the spring is broken.

              Other signs that a garage door spring has broken, cracked, or lost tension will include:

              • Door cables have snapped or become detached
              • Rollers may have popped/jumped out of their tracks
              • The door has become imbalanced/jammed at a slight angle
              • The automatic door opener is heard straining but without results
              • The door has crashed to the ground and panels have been damaged

              When there is clear evidence of a broken garage door spring, it is an understatement to say that a new spring needs to be installed as quickly as possible.  Homeowners and their families need access to their garage for any number of reasons, including entry to the home and use of their vehicles.  However, despite any urgency to access the garage or the inconvenience resulting from a non-functioning door, it is not recommended that homeowners try to open the door when a spring is broken – as noted previously, garage doors can be extremely heavy and there may be other damage or issues at play as well, hence making such an action quite risky, dangerous, and potentially very expensive too.

              In addition, garage door spring installation is not recommended as a do-it-yourself task for homeowners, regardless of how handy they might be, or perceive themselves to be, with any type of tools.  Garage door springs must be installed with significant tension or torque to compensate for the weight of the door; therefore for reasons of personal safety, these springs should be mounted and adjusted by trained professionals, such as the technicians from Markham Garage Doors.

              Garage Door Spring Replacement Will Likely Be Required at Some Point in Time

              In terms of life expectancy, it is estimated that a garage door torsion spring should last about 15,000 to 20,000 cycles under normal use, considered to be approximately 1,000 to 1,500 cycles per year – note that a cycle equates to the door being opened and closed one time.  For garage door expansion springs, life expectancy is somewhat lower, rated at 5,000 to 10,000 cycles.

              In other words, even if homeowners open and close their garage doors just once or twice a day, the springs will likely break at some point.  And this so-called breaking point can be further impacted by the level of regular garage door maintenance that is practiced by the homeowner.

              Proper garage door maintenance includes:

              • Annual or semi-annual inspections of all parts
              • Cleaning and lubricating moving/weight-bearing parts
              • Ensuring that the springs are exhibiting the proper tension
              • Minor adjustments/tightening/replacement of parts as needed
              • Identifying and addressing any issues before major problems arise

              All of the above actions can have a positive influence on the life expectancy of a garage door spring, irrespective of how often the door is opened and closed.  For homeowners who may have concerns about the state of their garage door, and particularly that of the spring or springs, Markham Garage Doors offers maintenance and tune-up services for all makes and models of doors.

              If you are being inconvenienced by a broken garage door spring and need immediate repair service, call the installation specialists from Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to book a service visit as soon as possible.

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                Common Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

                Determining When Required Garage Door Repair Can Be A Do-it-Yourself Task

                Whether a garage is used for vehicle parking, storage purposes, a workshop, or private access to the home, the garage door will probably be opened and closed a considerable number of times on a daily or weekly basis. And undoubtedly, irrespective of manual or automatic operation, the repetitiveness of these opening-and-closing cycles will take its toll on the door and its hardware, eventually necessitating some degree of repair.

                When a garage door malfunctions, it can be particularly inconvenient for the homeowner and their family, because the breakdown is usually an unexpected event that also typically occurs at the most inopportune time. Such personal inconvenience or aggravation is further magnified by speculation about the amount of the pending repair bill.

                However, many commonly-encountered garage door issues could be relatively minor in nature. In these instances, repair work can be performed by the homeowner, thereby saving the time, inconvenience, and costs linked to calling a professional garage door repair service. Some of the more frequently-seen garage door problems can include:

                • The door does not open and closes smoothly and easily
                • Door jams/remains stuck in one position (open, closed, part-way)
                • The door will not hold when in a fully-open or partially-open position
                • The door closes too rapidly/falls or slams heavily to the ground
                • Squealing, banging, and/or grinding sounds heard when in operation
                • Automatic garage door opener fails to respond

                When there is a rather obvious issue with the proper operation of a residential garage door, property owners can conduct a self-inspection in an effort to diagnose/pinpoint the cause. Common investigative steps would include:

                • Checking the tracks for dirt/debris, dents, or obstruction
                • Examining the cables for fraying or the loss/lack of tension
                • A visual inspection of the door to ensure it is hanging evenly
                • Assessing the state of all hardware (hinges, brackets, rollers, etc.)
                • Evaluating the operation of the door opener and all remotes
                • Ensuring that the torsion spring or extension springs are intact

                Subsequently, the type, extent, or complexity of the issue should determine whether any repair work can be done by the homeowner or should be left to a qualified garage door repair provider such as Markham Garage Doors.

                The following may serve as a general guide for homeowner self-repair steps/actions:

                • Track-related problems
                  • Clear obvious obstructions (leaves, twigs, etc.)
                  • Wipe all tracking with a non-abrasive cleanser
                  • Tap out dents using a hammer and a piece of wood
                • Hardware-related problems
                  • Tighten any and all loose screws
                  • Clean any dirt or rust from hinges, brackets, etc.
                  • Lubricate moving parts with garage door oil or WD-40
                • Issues with an automatic door opener
                  • Test batteries in all remotes
                  • Ensure that power source is properly connected
                  • Clean dirt/grime from infrared eyes/safety sensors

                Conversely, other types of identified garage door issues should likely be addressed by our professional technicians. Such problems will include:

                • Broken or stretched springs
                • Loose, frayed, or broken cables
                • Cracked, bent, or broken rollers
                • Issues with door weight balance
                • Unresolved door opener problems

                Dealing with high-tension springs or cables, the heavyweight of a door or an electrical issue can present a personal safety risk to those who are inexperienced or not suitably trained to perform such repair work. For this reason alone, our technicians may be best suited to address the more extensive and complex issues that can arise with a residential garage door.

                A Garage Door Repair Service You Can Trust

                We have been deemed the leading garage door repair service in the Markham area. For more than 10 years, our team has created a business that respects the needs of its clients and offers exceptional customer service.

                Just a phone call away, we are available to help property owners with garage door repair issues related to:

                • Cables
                • Springs
                • Door panels
                • Automatic Openers
                • And more

                If you are experiencing an issue with your garage door that should likely be entrusted to a professional repair provider, call the specialists at Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a service call as soon as possible.

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                  Garage Door Spring Repair Is Best Left In The Hands Of A Professional Service

                  There is a feeling of security when a homeowner steers their vehicle into the driveway after a long day and realizes that the warmth and comfort of their home are just seconds away. Unfortunately, these feelings can disappear in a flash when it is discovered that the garage door will not open – and further examination reveals that the cause of this renewed stress and frustration is a broken garage door spring that will need repairing before the door can be used again.

                  Garage door springs are fundamental to the smooth and uninterrupted operation of a door, whether it opens/closes manually or with the aid of an automatic door opener. On the other hand, a broken garage door spring is not only inconvenient; it can also lead to several other safety or repair issues as well:

                  • Door becomes jammed or comes off its track
                  • Tracking can become twisted or bent
                  • Door falls heavily without resistance – can seriously damage its panels
                  • Damage to other door mechanism components (cables, hinges, rollers)
                  • Door weight shifts unevenly leading to extensive re-balancing/repairs
                  • Undue strain is placed on automatic door openers
                  • The potential for damage to vehicles or other garage contents near the door
                  • Personal injury concerns for family members and pets

                  When there are obvious signs that a garage door spring is broken, it is imperative that any repair work is completed as soon as possible to minimize the overall inconvenience as well as to eliminate any potential safety issues for the homeowner and their family.

                  More importantly, however, this is not a task for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Garage door springs are under a significant amount of tension or torque to counterbalance the actual weight of the door and therefore any repairs or replacements should only be attempted by qualified professionals, such as the service team from Markham Garage Doors.

                  The Difference Between Torsion-Style And Extension-Style Garage Door Springs

                  As noted previously, garage door springs basically act as a counterweight to balance the door while it opens and closes. This is much the same principle as those huge blocks of stone or poured concrete which were once used in raising and lowering lift bridges or suspension bridges to allow the passage of boats along a waterway. Imagine the repair work that must have been required if one such counterweight ever came crashing to the ground from high above – and visualize the parallel type of impact damage to a garage door if it fell uninhibitedly because a spring gave way.

                  To appreciate the amount of tension in garage door springs, one only has to envision what it might take to lift the equivalent weight of a garage door without any assistance (either human or mechanical). If a garage door weighs 50 kilograms, that person would need to deadlift that amount of weight using only their physical strength/muscles – and do this repeatedly as well.

                  There are fundamentally two types of garage door springs, easily identifiable by their design and by where they are situated in relation to the door itself:

                  Torsion springs

                  • Secured to a metal rod/shaft running above/across the top of the door
                  • Rod/shaft usually passes through the spring but may sometimes house it
                  • Spring can either be mounted in the middle or at the end of the rod/shaft

                  Extension springs

                  • Are mounted along the sides of the door or above the horizontal tracking
                  • Residential garage doors have two extension springs (one on each side)
                  • Commercial garage doors can have multiple extension springs

                  Although both types of garage door springs can break and therefore require repair or replacement, torsion style springs have been found to be more durable, longer-lasting, and less dangerous/less damaging in the event that one should break. In terms of their durability, it has been estimated that torsion springs may last up to twice as long as the extension type springs under normal usage conditions.

                  If you are looking for garage door spring repairs or have an interest in replacing extension springs with the torsion style, call the experts at Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to arrange your service visit as soon as possible.

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