Examining Attached Garages Versus Detached Garages

Examining Attached Garages Versus Detached Garages

There are many aspects of a home that the owners generally considered to be a given; it will have a roof, doors, and windows, working plumbing, and hydro, to name a few.  But one feature that is not common to all private residences is an enclosed garage.

Although a drive through any sub-division will likely reveal that most homes do have an existing garage, whether a single-car, double-car or perhaps even triple-car format, this is not a standard feature for all types of residential properties. Circumstances in which a garage might not be present include:

  • Homes with open-sided carports
  • Duplexes or semi-detached homes
  • Homes with shared laneways/driveways
  • Heritage properties (pre-automobile era)
  • Residences constructed on deep, narrow lots

When these types of residences change hands, the new owners might have acquired the property with a goal in mind to eventually add a fully-functional garage.  In other cases, owner needs/family priorities could have evolved over time, necessitating the addition of garage space when it had previously been deemed non-essential.

Regardless of their motivation, when homeowners decide to move forward with adding a garage to their property, they fundamentally have two options depending on their needs, personal preferences, and available space: an attached garage or a detached garage.  Some of the more common considerations that may influence this decision one way or the other would include:

Six Factors Supporting an Attached Garage:

  • Convenience in times of wet/inclement weather
  • Presents an appearance of a much larger home
  • Access to storage directly adjacent to the home
  • May eventually be converted to full living space
  • Easier and less expensive to ventilate/add hydro
  • Lower construction cost – uses pre-existing walls

Six Factors Supporting a Detached Garage:

  • May serve self-employment needs (workshop, office)
  • Keeps fumes and dangerous goods at a safe distance
  • Eliminates a point of access to the home for intruders
  • Option better suited to a property that is long, narrow
  • Easier to expand/redesign post-construction if needed
  • Increases functional space – rooftop deck, rental unit

There will undoubtedly be individual or situation-specific factors that may ultimately shift the balance toward or away from constructing an attached garage or a detached garage.  In any event, both options offer valid arguments in their favor worthy of consideration.

Invest the Right Garage Door to Suit Your New Attached or Detached Garage

Whether the scales of consideration support an attached garage or a detached garage, there will likely be one point for certain – that structure will need an overhead garage door or perhaps two doors, front and back, depending on the available routes and space for entry and exit.

The purchase of a garage door should be considered as a long-term investment rather than an initial or immediate expense; this would be particularly true when one considers the reasons for constructing/adding a garage on an existing property and the number of times that the garage may need to be accessed over several years.

Homeowners would, therefore, be well-advised to thoroughly research their options to find the new garage door or doors offering the best in overall value and performance for their specific needs; this research process can be streamlined and expedited by visiting the 1,000 square-foot showrooms of Markham Garage Doors, at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham.

Here, homeowners will be able to compare and contrast full-scale garage doors from all of the leading manufacturers, as well as capitalize on the experience of Markham Garage Doors staff to help them make an informed buying decision.

For over 10 years, Markham Garage Doors has been providing award-winning garage door services for homeowners throughout Toronto and the GTA, consisting of:

  • Door sales and installation
  • Fast response and repairs
  • Maintenance and tune-ups
  • Emergency repair services
  • In-stock do-it-yourself parts
  • Door opener sales/installation

See our Garage Door Installation and Services page to get more information on new garage door installations and other services offered by the specialists from Markham Garage Doors.

If you are planning to add an attached or detached garage to an existing property, make your choice of garage door an informed investment decision.  Call the garage door sales and installation professionals from Markham Garage Doors today at 905-472-9178 or 416-570-3667 or visit our showroom at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham at your earliest convenience.

How To Avoid Costly Repairs When Garage Door Openers Malfunction

In many respects, an automatic garage door opener is similar to the roof of a home, as they are often taken for granted; they simply perform their roles day-in and day-out and basically go unnoticed by the occupants of the home – until something goes wrong, of course, necessitating emergency repair services. Installing an automatic garage door opener provides several benefits for a homeowner, and all with the simple press of a button:

  • Convenient access to the garage from the comfort of your vehicle
  • Personal safety – particularly when arriving home late at night
  • Greater security for the occupants of the home and their possessions
  • Eliminating the physical exertion of lifting and lowering a heavy door

Unfortunately, glitches can happen, and they customarily occur at the most inopportune times – during extreme weather conditions or in instances of emergency/urgency. Some of the common problems seen with automatic garage door openers which can result in homeowner inconvenience (and aggravation) and lead to potential repair costs.

Common Automatic Garage Door Problems

  • External power outages
  • Internal fuse box/breaker issues
  • Electrical wiring problems due to shortages or power surges
  • Garage door opener (motor) malfunctions
  • Faulty remote control devices
  • Remote control batteries in need of replacement

Avoid An Emergency Garage Door Repair Call

These types of issues often arise when the garage door is in the closed position, and a common scenario sees the homeowner on the outside and the vehicle on the inside, with no other access/point of entry to the garage except for the overhead door. So how does someone go about manually opening an automatic garage door from the outside? One possible solution would be to call a garage door repair service, but this may lead to unnecessary and potentially exorbitant costs, especially if the repair service is requested on an emergency or after-hours basis. In an effort to avoid associated repair costs, there are ways to manually open a garage door without placing a service call. Some of the methods are more labor-intensive and others might be less secure in nature, but a few possible approaches would include:

  • Feed/thread a bent coat hanger or a hook made from a sturdy wire over the top of the garage door to catch and release the emergency latch
  • Slide a thin wooden shim/slat through the weather stripping along the top edge of the door to provide a somewhat easier mode of access for performing the above process
  • Install a lock cylinder or emergency release kit in the top panel of the door
  • Insert the key provided into the lock and pull out the cylinder
  • Pull the cord that connects the cylinder to the emergency latch release

Some automatic garage doors may not be equipped with an emergency release kit and these homeowners may be hesitant or uncomfortable in attempting to catch and release the emergency latch in the manners outlined above. As well, for automatic doors that do contain an emergency release kit, the key for that mechanism may have been lost or misplaced. In these instances, a garage door repair service, such as Markham Garage Doors, maybe the best and most prudent option.

Regardless of the method, once the garage door has been opened manually, repair services may be required to diagnose the original problem and return the door to its proper working condition. If your garage door has malfunctioned and you need to have it fully operational as soon as possible, call the experts at Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667. We will respond quickly and provide the repair work you need in an efficient and professional manner, and offers 24-hour emergency repair services as well.


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