Ensure That Your Garage Door is in Shape for Spring

Ensure That Your Garage Door is in Shape for Spring

Inspect Your Garage Door This Spring for Signs of Operational or Repair Issues

The return of spring weather also means the return of various outdoor activities for many homeowners and families.  As temperatures continue to climb, neighborhoods will be filled with the sights and sounds of grass cutting, skateboarding, and bike riding, fence and deck building, and washing/waxing the car.

The reappearance of more amenable outdoor conditions and related home maintenance and leisure activities will also have an impact on the garage door; specifically, on the number of times, it is opened and closed on any given day.  Lawnmowers, bicycles, garden tools, and perhaps the car itself will make many more forays from the garage in the spring versus the winter, and since these items must all go back into the garage at some point, the open-and-close frequency of the door will likely increase dramatically from its daily wintertime rate.

Based on this anticipated if not predictable increase in garage door usage, homeowners may want to ensure that the door is in shape for the spring, in a manner of speaking.  Each year, thousands of garage-door related injuries occur across North America, with many attributed to faulty operation and/or a lack of sufficient maintenance; therefore with the safety of their family and property in mind, homeowners may wish to enlist the specialists from Markham Garage Doors to inspect the condition and operation of their garage door.

Cold winter temperatures and harsh weather conditions can take a toll on a garage door and its hardware, particularly the garage door spring, and this could lead to operational and/or safety concerns when family members again begin to use the door with greater regularity in the spring.  As part of a garage door inspection, trained technicians from Markham Garage Doors will assess the following aspects of the door:

  • Movement along the tracking
  • The tension of the spring and cables
  • Condition/security of all hardware
  • Door weight balance and distribution
  • Performance of the automatic door opener
  • The functionality of photocells and safety features
  • The integrity of the door/panels and weather stripping

Then, should the garage door inspection identify any potential or existing operational issues, the Markham Garage Doors technicians can recommend the best course of action or options to rectify the situations; in turn, they can quickly and expertly complete any maintenance or repairs with the approval of the homeowner.

A Broken Garage Door Spring Can Result in Secondary Issues and Repair Needs

In some cases, a garage door inspection and a minor tune-up might be all that is required to get the door in shape for spring; at other times, the damage, and its related repairs can be more extensive.  In any event, whenever their garage door needs maintenance or repair, homeowners in Toronto and the GTA can rely on the award-winning services provided by Markham Garage Doors.

As mentioned previously, one of the more common consequences of a cold and harsh winter is a damaged garage door spring; this can break or fail when open-and-close cycles rise in frequency during the spring.  Since a garage door spring must be installed and subsequently operate under a significant amount of tension, for homeowner safety purposes, their repair or replacement should be left to trained specialists such as the team from Markham Garage Doors.

Along with the broken garage door spring itself, such an issue can also result in secondary problems/repair needs, including:

  • Broken cables
  • Twisted tracking
  • Damaged panels/hardware
  • Automatic opener malfunction
  • The door gets jammed or misaligned

The Markham Garage Doors technicians have the knowledge and skills to effectively resolve these garage door repair issues and more and are often able to respond and provide their services on the same day.  For additional information on the full range of garage door repair services offered by Markham Garage Doors, including garage door spring repair, please see our Broken Garage Door Spring page.

To protect your family and property, ensure that your garage door is in shape this spring. Call Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a spring garage door inspection by our skilled technicians as soon as possible.

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