Garage Doors – Replacement Cost Versus Replacement Value

Garage Doors – Replacement Cost Versus Replacement Value

Garage Door Prices Are Just One Aspect When Considering Overall Door Value

For a vast majority of homeowners, the reliability of their garage door is something that is commonly taken for granted. These doors open and close several hundred times per year, and for several years, to the point where homeowners may simply come to expect a flawless level of performance on an almost infinite basis – and it would also not be too startling if some of these same individuals found it difficult to remember just how long it has been since their current garage door was actually installed.

This is why many homeowners are caught by surprise when they try to open the garage door, either manually or via remote, only to find that one or more of the parts have gone amiss; in other words, their dependable and seemingly infallible door has failed to open. Such a situation is not only inconvenient, particularly since it will often (only?) happen at the most inopportune of times, but it can also represent an unexpected expense for the homeowner, the magnitude of which can be substantial if the garage door needs to be replaced.

There is no doubt some sense of urgency when a garage door replacement is necessary, as the door serves many functions, include:

  • Privacy
  • Family Security
  • Weather Protection
  • Home Access/Egress
  • Aesthetics/Curb Appeal

However, despite any urgency, homeowners would be well-advised to invest some time in the selection of their new garage door. As with many purchases for the home, garage door prices will vary in range; buying the cheapest door to accommodate the unexpected nature of such a need may not to the best solution in the long-term, in much the same way that opting for the most expensive upgrade might provide ‘bragging rights’ but may not suit the style of the home’s exterior.

Said another way, purchasing a new garage door should be based on its value more than just on price alone. And value-based choices have long-term implications/connotations; whereas a new garage door may cost slightly more initially, it can offer a greater return on investment over the long run based on such value-oriented factors as:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Maintenance Needs
  • Aesthetics (for resale)
  • Parts (cost and availability)
  • Durability (projected lifespan)

It would, therefore, serve homeowners well to research their options thoroughly to find a new garage door that offers the best in overall value. This process may be simplified by visiting the 1,000 square-foot showrooms maintained by Markham Garage Doors.

In this showroom, located at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham, homeowners are able to compare and contrast full-scale garage doors from all leading North American manufacturers, as well as have access to experienced Markham Garage Doors staff who can provide knowledge and insight that will help in making an informed buying decision.

Quality Installation and Replacement Parts Play a Role in Garage Door Value

Another vitally important factor in determining the overall value of a garage door is the choice of garage door services provider. Since garage doors can have a high return on investment, said to surpass 80%, it would be prudent to ensure that the installation of the new door is done capably and to approved standards; therefore, an experienced and reputable garage door company such as Markham Garage Doors would be an asset to the homeowner.

Markham Garage Doors has been providing award-winning services for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA for more than 10 years. These services include:

  • Initial door installation
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Quality replacement parts
  • Fast response/emergency service
  • Fulfillment of warranties/guarantees

As a result, in addition to purchasing their garage door from the Markham Garage Doors showroom, homeowners can rest assured that the services offered by skilled technicians from Markham Garage Doors will help in protecting/extending the value of that purchase over the long term.

Go to our Garage Door Installation & Service page for further information on the garage door installation and repair services provided by the experts from Markham Garage Doors.

For all your garage door installation and servicing needs, call the specialists at Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to request a consultation or a service visit at your earliest convenience.

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