Homeowners Aren’t the Only Ones Interested in Garage Doors

Homeowners Aren’t the Only Ones Interested in Garage Doors

When most people hear the word ‘garage’, they immediately think of the place in their homes where they park their cars (or at least where they are supposed to park their cars!).

But that doesn’t mean homeowners are the only people who have an interest in garage doors. When you think about it, you see garage doors (or at least variations of them) in lots of different places.

Who Else has an Interest in Garage Doors?

The simple fact is that a garage door is a very useful addition to homes or other buildings where a large room or space must be opened in the building so that large vehicles, objects or products can be moved in or out of the space. That said, here are just a few other people and places that use garage doors.

Warehouses & Factories

The doors you see on the loading docks of warehouses and factories are like the ‘big brother’ to your home’s garage door. Usually larger and getting lots more use, loading dock doors help protect the interior of the building while letting space be quickly opened up to move supplies in and finished product out.

Automobile Dealerships & Repair Shops

Ever wonder how they get all those cars onto the dealership floor? If you look closely, you’ll spot a cleverly disguised garage door. The versatility of door designs, which can include glass panels, help them fit seamlessly into the overall design of a car dealership showroom.

Storage Facilities

We only mention this one because of the sheer number of garage doors that a self-storage facility can have – one on every unit.

Architects & Building Designers

If you think you’re concerned about the look of your garage door, imagine the importance for the architect who designs the building. On a home, garage doors make up more than one-third of the overall look of the house. How important is that for a finished architectural design?

From firehouses to boat houses, garage doors do their job in more places than most of us realize. If your business is in need of new garage doors to meet your needs, contact Markham Garage Doors today! From steel doors to security shutters, we have it all! Fill out our online form for more information from our team.

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