There Are Several Circumstances That Can Lead To A Broken Garage Door Cable

There Are Several Circumstances That Can Lead To A Broken Garage Door Cable

Whether your garage door is operated manually or by an automatic door opener, it is quite natural and common to expect that the door will open and close every time without incident. Few people give much thought, if any at all, to the mechanics or intricacies of garage door springs and cables in relation to raising or lowering the door.

Garage door cables have an integral role in the proper operation of the garage door. These cables are attached to brackets at the bottom of each side of the door and work in unison with the garage door springs to lift and lower the weight of the door as needed.

Unfortunately, although it is quite resilient and dependable, cables simply do not last forever. When the cable is broken, the door will lean toward or jam on the broken cable side and either not function properly or not function at all. This can result in a most inconvenient situation if a vehicle is ‘trapped’ inside the garage, not to mention the need for garage door repair service as quickly as possible.

There are several situations or conditions that can lead to a broken garage door cable including:

  • Age or normal wear-and-tear (look for signs of fraying)
  • Lack of regular maintenance (lubrication, wiping away dust/dirt)
  • Bent tracking – door ‘catches’ or ‘bangs’ rather than rolling smoothly
  • Items jamming door tracks (broom or rake handles, ice build-up)
  • Door strikes an object while closing (car bumper, garbage can, bucket)
  • Incorrect springs or drums installed for the weight or height of the door
  • Incorrect cables installed for the weight of the door
  • Spring tension not adjusted properly (too loose or too tight)
  • broken garage door cable can occur when a garage door spring snaps

Due to the nature of its function, a broken cable must be addressed on an immediate-need basis. However, that cable may only be a symptom or a sign of much larger issues with the entire door mechanism.

To ensure that a complete and correct diagnosis is performed, homeowners would best be served by enlisting the expertise of a professional garage door installation company such as Markham Garage Doors.

Use Professionals To Assess And Repair The Cause Of Broken Garage Door Cables

On the surface, replacing a broken cable might seem like a simple and straightforward job – just install a new cable and the door should be good as new, right? In reality, however, replacing a broken cable is anything but simple and it should, therefore, be left in the hands of skilled and trained garage door specialists.

Perhaps the most important factor is safety, due to working with the sheer weight of the garage door as well as springs/cables that must be kept under extremely high tension.

Furthermore, professional installation and repair, such as the quality service provided by the experts at Markham Garage Doors, can benefit homeowners in the following ways:

  • Identifying the root cause of the broken garage door cable
  • Replacing any and all incorrect or faulty parts (spring, cables, drums)
  • Repairing any damage that may have occurred to the garage door itself
  • Rebalancing the weight of the door
  • Setting the appropriate/precise spring tension to match door weight/size
  • Confirming the proper operation of the garage door opener
  • Providing recommendations/suggestions on general maintenance

A broken cable might be just that, a broken cable; it could also be a sign of more serious damage. You can rely on Markham Garage Doors to identify the extent of the problem and to resolve any and all repair issues quickly and competently.

Leave the assessment and service of your broken garage door cable to our specialists. Call Markham Garage Doors at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 today to schedule a service call or contact us for more information.

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