When Cleaning Your Garage This Spring, Include the Garage Door

When Cleaning Your Garage This Spring, Include the Garage Door

Make Garage Door Maintenance a Routine Part of All Spring Cleaning Activities

The time is fast approaching when homeowners will begin their outdoor spring cleaning rituals.  Many residential streets will soon be abuzz with families and neighbors cleaning out flower beds, washing windows, and ensuring that lawnmower engines and blades are in proper working order – all while enjoying the return of warmer air and sunshine after the cold days of winter.

One of the common sites on a beautiful spring day is that of a homeowner cleaning their garage; this is evident by the sheer amount of belongings, equipment, tools, boxes, etc. that are strewn about the driveway and on the front lawn (it is rather amazing just how much stuff one family can store in their garage).  The cleaning task then turns to wipe shelves and sweeping/washing the garage floor before an attempt is made to place most (or all?) of the materials back inside – but perhaps just organized differently?

Homeowners may agonize to some degree about what should go back in the garage and what should be sold, donated, or even discarded rather than stored once again.  But one aspect of garage spring cleaning that is often overlooked before this re-stocking process takes place, so to speak, is the garage door itself.  Indeed, cleaning out the garage this spring will provide an excellent opportunity to perform some garage door maintenance, especially while the garage is essentially empty.

Garage door maintenance begins with a detailed inspection to assess the following:

  • General door condition – evidence of damage, rotting, rusting, etc.
  • General door operation – smooth motion, no loud/unnatural sounds
  • Garage door springs – accumulation of dust or grime; wear-and-tear
  • Garage door cables – accumulation of dust or grime; signs of fraying
  • Hardware (hinges, latches, nuts, bolts, etc.) – loose, missing, rusting
  • Tracking – accumulation of dirt/grime; dents, twisting, misalignment
  • Rollers – cracked, worn, broken, sticking/hesitating, out-of-alignment
  • Weather stripping – chipped, cut, missing sections; secured to frame
  • Windows – cracks, sealant/caulking, signs of leaks; secured in panels
  • Garage door opener – travel limits; condition of the drive chain, sensors

Subsequently, based on the results of such an inspection, the homeowner can take steps that will help improve or sustain the operation and/or lifespan of the garage door.  Such actions might include:

  • Brushing away dirt/grime
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Testing/tightening all hardware
  • Replacing worn weather stripping
  • Repair or replacement of windows
  • Washing/preparing door for painting/staining
  • Testing/adjusting door opener safety features

On the other hand, the garage door inspection may identify circumstances that require professional repair services – examples might be:

  • Fraying of cables
  • Loss of spring tension
  • Imbalanced door weight
  • Damaged or rotting door panels
  • Unusual sounds while the door is in motion
  • Unusual sounds while door opener is in operation

In these instances, a garage door service company such as Markham Garage Doors can confirm the source of the issue and/or complete the appropriate repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Comprehensive Garage Door Services Provided by an Award-Winning Company

Although spring cleaning of the garage is an excellent time for garage door maintenance, homeowners should not limit such attention to just a single day per year.  Vigilance with respect to the operation of the door and the door opener, and well as regular lubrication and cleaning of the door/parts, will play vital roles in protecting their integrity/longevity.

While these activities are certainly within the capabilities of do-it-yourself homeowners, many individuals prefer to capitalize on the award-winning services of Markham Garage Doors for all their garage door needs.  Garage door inspections, maintenance/tune-ups, and repairs are integral components of the comprehensive garage door services offered by the skilled technicians from Markham Garage Doors.

In addition, homeowners can rely on these professionals for other types of garage door-related service, including but not limited to:

  • Sales/installation of new garage doors
  • Installation/repair of garage door openers
  • Upgrades to existing garage door insulation
  • Installation/replacement of weather stripping
  • Installation or replacement aluminum capping

For more information on the garage door installation and repair services provided by the specialists from Markham Garage Doors, see our Installation & Service page.

For all your garage door installation, repair, or maintenance requirements, you can rely on the experts from Markham Garage Doors.  Call Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to discuss your particular needs or to schedule a service visit at your earliest convenience.

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