Inspect Your Garage Door and Weather Stripping in Preparation for the Winter

Inspect Your Garage Door and Weather Stripping in Preparation for the Winter

Although the warm weather has continued beyond the official arrival of the fall season, it will not be too long before the bitter winds and cold temperatures of winter make their annual appearance.  While many Toronto residents may be secretly hoping for a weather phenomenon that would make the winter season disappear, a pragmatic view would say that now is the time to ready their home and property for the inevitability of the season.

Consequently, many area homeowners have already begun the processes of closing the pool, covering the air conditioner, and storing the patio furniture.  However, one aspect of their preparations that is often overlooked in the winterization of their garage.

While it might not always be considered part of a home’s actual living space, the garage can be a source of increased energy consumption and costs, especially during the cold winter months.  Furthermore, the garage will often be used as a means of entry and exit by family members during the winter in Toronto so it will be important to ensure that the garage door is well maintained and functioning properly during the cold weather season.

Several actions should be considered/taken in relation to garage winterization, including:

  • Garage door tune-up
    • A pre-winter garage door inspection will identify any potential issues/repair needs
    • All hardware and moving parts should be cleaned and/or lubricated prior to winter
    • This garage door tune-up reduces the risk of any inopportune operational failures
  • Garage door insulation
    • Older wood or steel garage doors are generally non-insulated (high energy loss)
    • Add insulation to their interior sides using foam board (wood) or fiberglass (steel)
    • Note – ensure that added weight does not compromise operation of door opener
  • Garage door weather stripping
    • What is its present condition? Are there any gaps and/or signs of tearing, aging?
    • Replacing the weather stripping will prevent or limit entry of cold wind, snow, ice
  • Garage door replacement (based on specific circumstances as well as affordability)
    • This could be an alternative to adding insulation to older wood/steel garage doors
    • Replacing a door that is in poor condition/disrepair can help with energy efficiency
    • Can also avert potentially costly repairs and improve family safety/home security

Garage door tune-ups, insulation upgrades, and replacement of weather stripping are all garage winterization procedures that can be performed by homeowners who may be so inclined.  Conversely, to ensure that these activities are completed in a thorough and efficient manner, they can be entrusted to the specialists from Markham Garage Doors.

In addition, should the garage door inspection uncover the need for repairs or a full door replacement, the trained technicians Markham Garage Door can provide these services in a timely and affordable fashion.

Garage Winterization Can Offer Substantial Benefits to Toronto Homeowners

From an overall perspective, garage winterization can provide homeowners with several substantial benefits.  These include, in no particular order:

  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Confidence in garage door operation
  • Protection of both family and property
  • Prevention of unnecessary repair costs

To this end, Markham Garage Doors can help to optimize these benefits by providing the following services in relation to preparing a garage for the winter season:

  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Complete garage door tune-ups
  • Garage door/door opener repairs
  • Replacement of weather stripping
  • Insulation of existing garage doors
  • Installing replacement garage doors

To ensure that your garage is prepared and garage door is well maintained for the arrival of winter, call the experts at Markham Garage Doors today at either (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule your garage door inspection and winterization services as soon as possible.

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