Markham Garage Doors Emergency Service

Markham Garage Doors Emergency Service

Emergency Garage Door Service to Alleviate Inconvenience or Safety Concerns

It is a well-accepted fact that at some point during the lifecycle of maintaining a home, the homeowner will be faced with the inconvenience and frustration of a malfunctioning garage door.  If that door is opened and closed on a regular/daily basis over a number of years, the law of averages will likely dictate the need for garage door repair services at some point to address failures due to:

  • Broken torsion springs
  • Snapped/detached cables
  • Faulty garage door openers
  • Issues related to door hardware

Whether a garage door will not open, will not close, or becomes jammed somewhere in-between, the consequences can vary from the nuisance variety to far more significant concerns:

  • Inability to get vehicles into/out of the garage
  • Restricted access to tools, equipment, supplies
  • The potential for personal injuries to family and pets
  • Additional/irreparable damage to the door/opener
  • Reduced home security/prevention against intrusion
  • Decreased protection against property theft/damage

And for added measure, independent of the circumstances, there is a high probability that a garage door or garage door opener will malfunction at the most inopportune of times, usually late at night, very early in the morning, and/or on the weekend.  Combined with the fact that the majority of garage door failures occur when there is full tension on the spring, that is, when the door is closed, this often means that vehicles are trapped in the garage and family members must either cancel their plans or find alternative ways to get to work, school, church, hockey practice, and anywhere else that they need to be as part of their daily lives and routines.

This can also mean the need for an emergency service call to alleviate the inconvenience or risk factors that are negatively affecting those routines.  Fortunately for homeowners, Markham Garage Doors does provide 24-hour emergency support as part of their award-winning garage door repair services.

Unlike many emergency repair services that require consumers to leave a message with an answering service then await a return call from the provider, Markham Garage Doors recognizes that these phone calls are customarily made to request some type of urgent intervention.  To that end, all calls to Markham Garage Doors are answered by company representatives, usually by one of the owners, who will then arrange for a technician to make an on-site service call as soon as possible.  These representatives will also provide a price over the phone for this repair service in order to avoid unwanted surprises for the customer once the work has been completed.

Award-Winning Garage Door Repair Services to Address All Needs and Concerns

It is quite understandable that homeowners might see an emergency service visit as the only alternative when a garage door fails to operate outside of traditional business hours or on the weekend.  For a variety of reasons, like those noted above, they need to have that door working properly again and as soon as possible as well.

However, depending on the cause of the malfunction, homeowners may be able to open and/or close the door at least once during these times, to perhaps move their vehicle to the driveway or better protect their home and property until garage door repairs can be scheduled and completed under non-emergency circumstances.  In addition to providing peace of mind, such an action can save the additional expense of a 24-hour emergency service visit.

This would be particularly applicable in cases where the issue rests with the garage door opener rather than the door itself.  Many automatic garage door openers have the option of a release cord, which allows for manual operation of the door until a service provider such as Markham Garage Doors can complete the necessary repairs/replacement during regular business hours – at a fraction of the emergency visit cost.

For situations in which the source of the problem is unclear, or if it can be attributed to a specific issue like a broken torsion spring, it would be advisable to leave these matters to the professionals from Markham Garage Doors, to avoid the possibility of causing more extensive/expensive or irreparable damage to the door or its hardware.  This can either be done on a non-emergency basis or through an emergency service call, depending on the needs and/or preferences of the homeowner.

Markham Garage Doors is a full-service company operating from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, while also providing 24-hour emergency garage door services to address specific homeowner needs and/or concerns.

If you are inconvenienced or troubled by a malfunctioning garage door or garage door opener and require emergency repairs/service, call the specialists at Markham Garage Doors at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to schedule a technician visit as soon as possible.

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