What to Consider When You’re Considering a New Garage Door

What to Consider When You’re Considering a New Garage Door

We’ve mentioned more than once that most homeowners will only ever replace their garage door once or twice. While that’s good news for your pocketbook, it isn’t without its downside. If you’re thinking about replacing your garage door, chances are you’re not sure about your options. It’s a problem that means many homeowners settle for a new door that’s very similar to the old one and they miss out on some of the looks, features, and benefits that can improve the value they get from the new door.

To get you ready for your garage door shopping here’s just some of what you’ll need to consider.

Type of Garage Door

There are three main construction styles for newer garage doors.

1. Sectional doors are currently the most popular type for all types of homes. They are called ‘sectional’ because they are made of a series of horizontal panels, or sections, that are hinged together, allowing them to open straight upwards and roll under the garage ceiling.

2. Up & Over doors are made of a single large panel that swings out from the bottom to open fully.

3. Roll Up doors are used mainly in commercial applications, like warehouses, but the fact that they roll up compactly when opened makes them ideal for smaller garages.

Garage Door Design

Your garage door is the largest single visual element of your home when it’s viewed from the front. As such, its design can greatly affect the look of your home and its curb appeal. From the traditional look of carriage doors to the sleek, contemporary look of aluminum and glass, chances are there are lots of new garage door designs that you’ve not seen before.

Garage Door Material

The last time you bought a garage door, you probably had one choice of construction material: metal. Today you can choose doors made of wood, steel, aluminum and/or fiberglass.

One of the best ways to find out what’s possible for your new door is to find a retailer who represents many different manufacturers so that you’re not limited in your choices. Call us at 905-472-9178 or fill out our contact form, we’ve got lots of great options to show you.

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