Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Your Choice of Residential Garage Doors Must Address Several Critical Factors

Virtually all homeowners would likely agree that shopping for a new garage door is not an everyday occurrence.  In fact, unlike shopping for food or clothing, or perhaps even a major purchase such as a new vehicle, replacing residential garage doors may only be necessary once in more than 25 or 30 years – barring accident or a lack of maintenance.

In addition to this inexperience, in a manner of speaking, it can be somewhat difficult to purchase garage doors sight unseen.  While it may be convenient to buy certain types of products through a mail-order catalog, television infomercial, or online retail outlet, a garage door has substantial size and character that should be viewed and appreciated physically/in person.  As well, it would be challenging to return a garage door for credit if there was a disparity between what was ordered on speculation and what was delivered!

So how does one go about shopping for a garage door that is right for their home?  First and foremost, it would be helpful to visit an outlet with extensive full-function displays of residential garage doors from all of the leading manufacturers – this is made possible through the 1000+ square foot showroom supported by Markham Garage Doors and located at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham.

With this opportunity available, homeowners will need to consider several fundamentally important questions in preparation for their garage door shopping trip.  Considerations consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Preferred Door Type 
    • Wood or wood composite
    • Steel or aluminum
    • Glass panels (aluminum frame)
  • Preferred Door Style
    • Classic
    • Contemporary
    • Carriage House
    • Window options
    • Colour alternatives
  • Safety and Security Needs
    • Against unwanted access or intrusion
    • Against personal injury (adults/children/pets)
    • To safeguard personal property or equipment
  • Insulation Requirements
    • A primary function of the garage
    • Adjacent or overhead living space
  • Possible Accessories
    • Automatic garage door opener
    • Keyless entry pad; aluminum capping
  • Warranties
    • From the manufacturer and the installer
    • Length, type of coverage, and any exceptions
  • Costs/Budget
    • Door and door installation
    • Accessories and installation
    • Long-term durability/lifecycle
    • Long-term maintenance needs

There are certainly several factors to consider when purchasing a new residential garage door.  And since such an endeavor may only occur once or twice in a lifetime for most homeowners, the insight of garage door installation and service providers, such as the experts from Markham Garage Doors, could be invaluable in making the final decision on the right garage door for your home.

Upgrading Your Garage Doors is Actually an Investment in Home Improvement

Replacing or upgrading existing garage doors should be considered as an investment in home improvement.  In addition to the functional component, as well as the safety and security aspects of the new doors, there is an equally important aesthetic aspect or curb appeal to choosing the right type and style of door for your home.

Another key element within that investment is the proper installation of the new garage doors and any related accessories.  Homeowners can be assured that the installation will be completed in a professional yet expedient manner by the technicians from Markham Garage Doors.

In addition to garage door sales and expert installation, Markham Garage Doors offers a wide range of services that include:

  • fast and affordable repairs
  • emergency repair services
  • door maintenance/tune-ups
  • the best available warranties

Are you interested in replacing or upgrading your residential garage door or doors?  Call Markham Garage Doors today at (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 or visit our 1000+ square foot showroom at 176 Bullock Drive, Unit 11, in Markham to see our displays of garage doors from all leading manufacturers.  Our knowledgeable and trained staff will be happy to help you choose the right type and style of door for your home.

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