Remote Operation and Monitoring of Your Garage Door with MyQ System

Remote Operation and Monitoring of Your Garage Door with MyQ System

Installation of MyQ System Permits Smartphone Control of Garage Door Opener

Many homeowners have undoubtedly experienced that pit-of-the-stomach sense of fear or nervousness when, several minutes after leaving home, they suddenly cannot recall if they turned off the stove or locked the front door. This is often a temporary or fleeting feeling, as their thoughts and heart rate quickly settle down when they do remember that yes, they did, in fact, ensure that all was off, unplugged, locked, etc. before driving away.

Although people will subconsciously perform hundreds of routine tasks every day, it can still be a gut-wrenching and worrisome feeling when they momentarily cannot picture in their mind that a certain action was actually completed. This frantic or panicky state can often be associated with the garage door (did I close it or not?) to the point where some homeowners may have to turn around and drive back for visual proof that all is secure.

Fortunately for homeowners, and especially those implicated in the garage door scenario above, developments in wireless technology have led to the introduction of garage door openers that can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone or tablet, which means that these homeowners will not have to worry about the status of their garage door – no matter where they are virtually anywhere around the world.

The technology is known as the MyQ Garage system, introduced by Chamberlain garage door openers, and it is compatible with over 90% of garage door openers manufactured over the last 20 years. For a reasonable purchase price and a straightforward two-step installation process, homeowners can now enjoy the following benefits of a MyQ wireless operating system without the additional expense of upgrading their current door opener:

  • Control/monitor their garage door from almost anywhere in the world
  • View images of the door in real time – is the door open, closed, in motion?
  • Receive alerts whenever garage door has been left in its open position
  • Receive notification if the garage door is opened while occupants are away
  • Historical data on when the door was opened, how long it was left open
  • Permitting approved visitors to access the garage at pre-arranged times
  • Peace of mind about the security of the home/garage when out or away

In the case of an existing garage door opener, homeowners can install their MyQ Garage system quickly and with relative ease; perhaps the most fundamental aspect of installing such a system is to ensure that their home’s wireless internet signal reaches the garage with sufficient strength.

Homeowners currently without an automatic garage door opener, but who are intrigued by the possibilities and conveniences afforded by a MyQ system, may want to have the ‘full package’ installed simultaneously. In this instance, homeowners are encouraged to consult with a technician from Markham Garage Doors, to assess which type of garage door opener is most compatible with their current door and to arrange for its installation along with their new MyQ system. Once again, basic requirements would be a wireless internet signal that reaches the garage and connectivity to a smartphone or tablet.

Certified Installation of the Reliable LiftMaster Brand of Garage Door Openers

There are several makes/models of garage door openers with do-it-yourself installation available commercially from many home improvement, hardware, and wholesale stores. A significant portion of these openers is manufactured and distributed by Chamberlain, either under their own name or as a private-label brand such as Sears Craftsman.

But perhaps the most reliable line of Chamberlain’s garage door openers is the LiftMaster series, supplied only through certified professional installers like Markham Garage Doors. LiftMaster garage door openers offer several performance advantages over other brands with respect to:

  • Durability
  • Consistency
  • Horsepower
  • Drive systems
  • Safety and security
  • Innovative accessories (including MyQ technology).

If you would like to take advantage of the synergy between the reliable performance of a LiftMaster series garage door opener and the benefits offered by the MyQ Garage system technology, call the installation specialists at Markham Garage Doors today at either (905) 472-9178 or (416) 570-3667 to determine the garage door opener that is best suited for your style of door, your specific needs, and for your smartphone or tablet.

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